New York Style Pizza in Tampa / St. Pete / Clearwater Florida

November 13, 2009

I’m looking for good New York Style Pizza in the Tampa area.  Check out the blog over at

This Site Has Moved to

October 15, 2009

I have been dilly-dallying for a year as I tried to get my new site up and running.  For a while it was a Wiki and that was a disaster.  But finally, over the last two years, I’ve developed some skills with Drupal and finally took the time to load all my WordPress blogs and comments into the new site. 

The new site is at  Please visit and please link to my new site.  



More notes on NY Pizza in Los Angeles

June 23, 2008

I was recently reviewing some comments on this blog as well as recent user-submitted entries at, and I found some of the following items of note:

  1. My original post about Pizza in L.A. has a few comments worth reading.
  2. Lamonica’s Pizza on Gayley Ave has 63 reviews on CitySearch, more than 80% of the reviews are either 4 or 5 stars.
  3. Someone recently added Combo’s Pizza Hollywood to the New York Pizza Finder Wiki.
  4. While doing a little research on Combo’s, I found the following blog, chronicling JAB’s search for perfect East Coast Pizza in L.A.  Thank you JAB for your good work!



Best Pizza in SF Bay Area

February 27, 2008

On my last night in the Silicon Valley area, I decided to head up the east side of San Francisco Bay to visit Vito’s Pizzeria located in Newark, California.  I have to say it was excellent!  I met the owner (Vito!) and after eating a couple slices I introduced myself.  I was happy to know he was familiar with the New York Pizza Blog and the New York Pizza Finder directory.   Once we got to talking he decided I NEEDED to try some bread sticks and home-made marinara sauce and they were muy delicioso.  I finished off my late night snack with a meatball dipped in the same marinara.

 All in all, Vito says his pizza is best in the bay area and I cannot disagree.  Next time in that area , I will be back! 

Slices of Pizza in San Jose, CA

February 13, 2008

I was at a conference at the convention center in San Jose, and took out for a walk at lunch time.  The prior morning while getting exercise I had seen two places that sold pizza by the slice and I was anxious to give them a try.    The first stop was at Tony Soprano’s Pizzeria on San Fernando Street, which was pretty good pizza and scored an 80 on the Sliker Scale

Next was Pizza My Heart, which is a chain in this area.  It scored 70 on the Sliker Scale.  I was glad to see I could get a slice there, but I was less than optimistic about what I would get.  It’s a place for college kids with a surfing theme.  Not pictures of New York or Italy, no checkered table clothes.  In my opinion, the cheese slice was a little bland compared to Tony Soprano’s, but it was definitely New York Style. 

Eating Pizza in Silicon Valley

February 13, 2008

I arrived here in the Bay Area Saturday and had a few hours to kill, so I went to Palo Alto and drove around the campus of Stanford University– very nice and MUCH bigger than I expected.  I then made my way down El Camino Real until I found Frankie, Johnny, & Luigi, Too located at 939 W. El Camino Real in Mountain View.   It was a very nice restaurant– there were lots of people eating some very good looking italian food– but I was here for the pizza.  I ordered a large cheese pie.

The pizza was very good– I definitely don’t want to “dis” the pizza– but it wasn’t what I was looking for.  There were no slices available.  The pizza itself wasn’t as “flat” as I had hoped, and it was cut into 10 slices!  It was really good– but again, not what I was looking for.    Here’s the Sliker rating (70) for F, J, & L’s:

Thin Crust Pizza (40/40)
Pizza by the Slice Availability (0/10)
Large Slices (0/10)
Traditional Pizza Ovens (10/10)
Sicilian Pizza Availability (0/10)
Run by Italians (10/10)
Red & Green or Italy Theme or Name (5/5)
Pizza or Pizzeria in Title (spelled correctly!) (5/5) 

Sbarro’s Breakfast Pizza in ATL

February 9, 2008

I’m heading to out to Silicon Valley this weekend– No, not to get venture funding for 🙂   I found myself in Atlanta (ATL) airport needing some breakfast and wandered into the food court in B Concourse.   Sbarro’s was doing a booming business so I wandered over there.  They had three breakfast pizzas available in additional to their normal slices.   I had a slice with egg, cheese, bacon, peppers, & onions and it wasn’t bad.   My biggest complaint about Sbarro’s generally is that they try to keep the pizzas warm and when they serve them the crust tends to be kind of rubbery.  I prefer the traditional approach of putting a slice back in the oven for a minute to get the crust nice and crispy.   But anyway, crispy crust or not, Sbarro’s breakfast pizza was a nice change of pace for this traveller. 

New York Pizza Finder is Going Strong

February 7, 2008

I sent out an email last night to hundreds of people who have posted comments on this blog, directing them to the new New York Pizza Finder wiki site.   I am pleased to see that several people have already started adding New York Style Pizza places to the directory. 

I’ve added several new features over the last couple days.  First, and most importantly, is Google Maps integration.  The Map is Back!  Secondly, I’ve added a “boilerplate” page so that when someone creates a new page, it will automatically be formatted properly. 

Thanks to Andrew A. for these suggestions.  If you’ve been to the site and have some comments that can make the site more usable, please let me know what you think.



New York Style Pizza near San Jose & Silicon Valley, CA

February 5, 2008

I had an interesting post this week suggesting that we should check out Vito’s Ristorante & Pizzeria in Newark, California, between Oakland and San Jose.   Well, it just so happens that I’m heading to San Jose this weekend.  I was planning to stop by Frankie, Johnny, & Luigi, Too which has a place in San Jose and another in Mountain View

So much pizza but so little time!   How ’bout you?  Know of any good New York Style Pizza in the Silicon Valley area?

Besides commenting on this blog, please join the Pizza Loving Army of volunteers in developing the New York Pizza Finder Wiki Site— open to all to contribute.  Thanks!

Pizza in Florida Sucks? First Posts at New York Pizza Finder Wiki

January 30, 2008

As some of you are already aware, I recently converted the New York Pizza Finder Web site to a wiki.   Up until recently, I’ve been trying to keep up a database of New York Style Pizza places as well as comments and links to more information.  This has been quite a challenge and I continually let the database get out of date.

So now I’ve turned to the “wisdom of crowds.”

Thousands of people view this blog every month, and hundreds have commented on specific Pizza Places in particular cities throughout the U.S.    Now what I’m asking you to do is go to the New York Pizza Finder site and leave your comments and reviews there.  Also, if you have a new place that’s not listed, please add it to the list. 

I just converted the site last week, and yesterday I received my first post from an anonymous visitor.  The visitor made two posts:  the first saying that Pizza in Florida Sucks, and the second saying that The Pizza Place in Parkersburg, WV is the best pizza anywhere. 

Please let your thoughts be known, and help us make the New York Pizza Finder the best and most comprehensive resource for New York Style Pizza Lovers anywhere on the planet.