New York Style Pizza in Dallas

January 31, 2006

  I’m preparing for an upcoming trip to Dallas, so I did a little research and found some decent-soundin New York Style  places.  I’ve decided to go ahead and expand my directory to include places I haven’t been to.  I will do my best to rank the places if I have enough information, and possibly link to other people’s reviews. 

   Anyway, my Review Page now includes a number of places in Dallas, gleaned carefully from a good bit of research on the Web. 

Finding Frankie’s Fun Park

January 29, 2006

I had someone tell me that Frankie’s has great New York Style pizza. I’ve eaten it before but I don’t remember it being anything special. It’s a kiddie park with go-carts, games, & lots of noise. But now I’m starting to doubt if we’ll make it tonight. But what is very cool is that I’m posting to the blog from my Pocket PC phone, sitting at the Olive Garden waiting for a seat. The plan is to have bread & salad & still have room for a slice of Frankie’s. We shall see!

Qualifier – Run by Italians (10%)

January 29, 2006

   This might be the most controversial of my qualifiers for good New York Style , but I’m going out on a limb here to express what I really believe.  I understand that you don’t really need to be Italian to make a good pie, but I feel a lot better buying a slice from Mr. Antonino or Mr. LaBella than I do buying from Mr. Jackson or Jones. 

   I have heard that Italians put more love into their food creations– that could be what’s going on here, not sure, but honestly– who do you expect better pizza from?  Andolini’s Pizza, or Bob’s or Buddy’s Pizza?  I’ll take the Italians any time. 

Qualifier – Sicilian Pizza – 10%

January 28, 2006

   A good Sicilian pie can be hard to find, but when you do find it, it’s usually because you’ve found an authentic New York Style Pizzeria.  Generally, a Sicilian  is about 18″ x 18″, square, and cut into nine or sixteen square slices.  When I walk into a pizza place that has both traditional thin slice (Neopolitan) and also Sicilian, I know there’s a good chance of getting a good slice. 

Review – Amici’s

January 26, 2006

  I was just in San Francisco in September ’05.  I can’t believe I didn’t find Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria while I was there.  I just came upon their Web site and it looks yummy.  I even went to a Giant’s game.  I must have walked right past the place.  I’m sure I would have loved some .  Very frustrating…  I need someone to go there and scope it out and give me a ranking number based on the criteria found at   Based on what I can find on the web, it looks like this place would grade out as an (80). 

Qualifier – Traditional Pizza Ovens (10%)

January 26, 2006

  A traditional pizza oven is one where you can put several pizzas in at a time, and a human is required to check on the pizza and remove it when it’s done.  The pizza sits on a deck with no pans underneath it. 

  The reason this is important is that, nowadays, people cook in other ways.  Some cook theirs on a conveyer belt even.  Wacky…

Review – LaBella Pizzeria (100)

January 25, 2006

308 South A1A
Flagler Beach, Florida
(386) 439-5418


Okay, so the family is driving to Florida, south on I-95, and I decide we should take a little detour to go take a walk by the ocean, maybe dip our toes in the water.  So I look at the map and see that the point where I-95 is closest to the ocean is a place called Flagler Beach.  So I exit for Flagler Beach and 5 minutes later I’m at the beach.

And what do I find directly across from the beach?  The most incredible, genuine, New York Style place you’d ever want to see– LaBella Pizzeria.  Incredible pizza, great atmosphere, meets all criteria for a perfect score.  You can read more about LaBella at