Why do a New York Style Pizza Blog?

Because I love the stuff and can’t get enough of it.  And twenty-five years ago I moved from New Jersey to South Carolina, and I can tell you there are times when the good stuff is hard to find. 

So… I’ve been collecting data over the years on what makes a good pizza and I have some very strong opinions on the matter.  I have thought for some time that lovers of quality New York Style pizza need a Web site where we can find a pizza place whereever we go.  I’ve travelled to a lot of places and sometimes it’s just TOUGH to find a good pizza. 

I found a site called http://www.sliceny.com/ that does something similar to what I’ve had in mind, but their site seems to be focused on the New York area.  I guess I should do the honorable thing and share some reviews with those folks and try for a comprehensive nation-wide directory of New York Style Pizzerias?  yeah, probably so, but I will put my comments here first, then send them over to SliceNY or whatever other sites I might come across that serve a similar function.


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One Response to Why do a New York Style Pizza Blog?

  1. Adam says:

    Welcome to the pizzablogging fold. You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into! I advise you not to turn back, however, but plow forward over the mountains of cheese and through the rivers of sauce that lie on the path before you. Godspeed, dear sir!

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