Review – Amici’s

  I was just in San Francisco in September ’05.  I can’t believe I didn’t find Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria while I was there.  I just came upon their Web site and it looks yummy.  I even went to a Giant’s game.  I must have walked right past the place.  I’m sure I would have loved some .  Very frustrating…  I need someone to go there and scope it out and give me a ranking number based on the criteria found at   Based on what I can find on the web, it looks like this place would grade out as an (80). 

One Response to Review – Amici’s

  1. Emmett says:

    I can’t speak for the SF location, but the Redwood City location of Amici’s is really, really bad. The crust is tough and chewy, and the smell and taste are so far off I can’t even think how to describe them. A NYer I was with said it wasn’t even in the ballpark. A Bostonian who actually likes the pies delivered by Amici’s of Mountain View said “it’s not New York style — it’s good California style pizza.”

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