New York Style Pizza in Chicago

February 21, 2006

I’ve been to Chicago about 5 or 6 times and love the city, but I’ve often wondered if I could live there.  NO NEW YORK STYLE PIZZA!  I know there’s go to be some, but I sure haven’t found it.  Anyone out there know of any?  I just found this blog that refers to it.  An excerpt, speaking of Gigio’s of Evanston:

 They advertise a New York style pizza, and it’s as close as I’ve seen to it in Chicagoland. It’s not the real thing, (I’m from the east coast, I know a foldable, oily, chewy crust pizza from the imposters) but it’s a nice antitode to the matzoh thin crusts or the 10 lb, 4″ deep dishes everywhere else. And it’s much closer than Philly’s Best, another Evanston pizza place with an attempt at NY style. (Although Philly’s best has a real stromboli and Tastycakes, two things you won’t find anywhere else in the midwest).


 NOTE added 04/2007:  Be Sure to Check out the  New York Pizza Finder Chicago Page.

Entrepreneur Looking to Offer a “Slice of New York” to Hotel Guests

February 21, 2006

Here’s an article about a guy with a mission similar to mine– to help out people who NEED good New York pizza when they’re somewhere else.  My approach is to build this directory.  His approach is to send the  !

You can order a New York Style pizza to be delivered to your home at his site,

Progress on the New York Pizza Finder

February 20, 2006

Blogging is so much easier than doing a Web Site!  Nonetheless, I ‘ve concluded that this blog is really not the right format for my New York Style Pizza Locator.   For that directory, I’ve built a Web Site, currently located at  Each  place will have an individual ranking and review if available.

My biggest problem is when using Front Page, copying and pasting one section to another, and then having to reformat stuff.  I think I’m making a big mess of it.  Maybe I need to learn something about Style Sheets?  Problem is, I don’t want to be a Web Developer.  I want to be a pizza content coordinator! 

Anyway, my latest updated completed the Columbia section of the SC page, to include Pop’s Pizza, Dano’s, and Village Idiot.  All three YUMMY good pizza.  All three the real deal. 

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NYPD Pizza Coming to Charleston

February 19, 2006

Just found this on Feedster:

CHARLESTON, SC – NYPD (New York Pizza Development) Pizza opens its doors in March 2006 and will give area residents a taste of authentic New York style pizza. The neighborhood pizzeria is located at 1055 Highway 41, Suite 100, on the corner of US 17 South and South Carolina 41, behind the CVS.

Established in 1996 and headquartered in Orlando, FL, New York Pizza Development, LLC is home of the “authentic” New York style pizza.  Partners Paul Russo and Lou Pearlman are native New Yorkers from Bayside, Queens with a goal to bring real New York pie nationwide.

Sounds like my kind of PEOPLE!  You can check out their site at

I’m going to Orlando in March– I will check it out and give it a once-over and rank it according to the New York Pizza Finder criteria.  (

New York Pizza Prospects in NC, SC

February 19, 2006

I was looking through, and there is a pretty large pizza directory there.  It has a lot of places from the New York / New Jersey area, but very few from around the south.   The list is not very discriminating– they appear to include all pizza places, even fu-fu type bean sprout pizza places, although there does seem to be a lot of places that would fit on my site,

Here are a few new places in North Carolina and South Carolina that sound like they might be New York Style– I will add them to my site and try to get more details (and maybe even a slice!) asap.

South Carolina   




Mom and Pop’s   




“Everything!!! It is New York Italian Style!! The employees are wonderful!”   


South Carolina  

Garden City  

Speedie Pizza  


“The uninformed in SC probably shake their heads at Speedie’s square, thick Sicilian style pizza until they take their first bite, then it’s all smiles!”  

North Carolina 


Brooklyn South Pizza 


“Absolutely the best pizza in the Charlotte area. Great sauce, great crust, great variety and a great atmosphere…” 

New York Style Pizza in Appleton, Wisconsin

February 19, 2006

Just found the following blog entry for Appleton, WI.  Looks like Sal’s Pizza is in town!  My love for New York Style Pizza was developed at a Sal’s Pizza in Yardville, NJ.  Slices were $.32 in the early days.  I remember getting a buck from my Mom and having to decide whether to get two slices and a coke or three slices, no drink, and owe Sal a penny.  Most of the time I opted for (wanna guess???)  three slices and no drink.  To read about the Sal’s of Appleton, check out:

World Pizza Championships

February 17, 2006

I was flipping the channels the other night and came across the Food Network’s World Pizza Championships.  Very cool.  They had several competions, including a freestyle flipping contest.  The Competion was held in Italy, and I believe an American won a medal (second place) for the first time.   Some links:
Food Network Link />