The New York Pizza Finder

Still figuring out how I want to work this, but generally I am concluding that my New York Style Pizza Directory is better suited to a traditional Web site rather than a blog.  I will continue to use this blog to update the world on my adventures, seeking out quality New York Style pizza wherever I go, and even in places I don’t go.  Please check out the New York Style Pizza Finder site at   It will help you out when you “Gotta Getta Slice.” 

3 Responses to The New York Pizza Finder

  1. Greg Accetta says:

    Some of the best pizza on the East Coast was available in Hillsborough New Jersey at Boro Pizza. It is with much sadness that I report that it has recently been sold and converted to a brick oven pizza joint.

  2. Valerie says:

    I agree that Boro Pizza had the best pizza on the East Coast. I am currently seeking the best pizza in Portland, OR.

  3. pizza says:

    Boro Pizza is among my favorites of all time– it is very sad to see it go. I knew things were going downhill in Hillsborough when Domino’s moved into town.

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