New York Pizza Prospects in NC, SC

I was looking through, and there is a pretty large pizza directory there.  It has a lot of places from the New York / New Jersey area, but very few from around the south.   The list is not very discriminating– they appear to include all pizza places, even fu-fu type bean sprout pizza places, although there does seem to be a lot of places that would fit on my site,

Here are a few new places in North Carolina and South Carolina that sound like they might be New York Style– I will add them to my site and try to get more details (and maybe even a slice!) asap.

South Carolina   




Mom and Pop’s   




“Everything!!! It is New York Italian Style!! The employees are wonderful!”   


South Carolina  

Garden City  

Speedie Pizza  


“The uninformed in SC probably shake their heads at Speedie’s square, thick Sicilian style pizza until they take their first bite, then it’s all smiles!”  

North Carolina 


Brooklyn South Pizza 


“Absolutely the best pizza in the Charlotte area. Great sauce, great crust, great variety and a great atmosphere…” 

One Response to New York Pizza Prospects in NC, SC

  1. Thanks for including a review of some of the pizza places posted at

    I have develped the list over a number of years, mostly through recommendations of my readers.

    You are correct, I cannot screen out all of the so-so pizza places, however, if several people have a valid complaint about a pizzeria, the listing is removed.

    I want to wish you the absolute best in your quest for pizza perfection.

    If you find a pizzeria that should be listed in my Best Pizza in the World section, please let me know at:

    Pizza on Earth,

    Albert Grande

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