Progress on the New York Pizza Finder

Blogging is so much easier than doing a Web Site!  Nonetheless, I ‘ve concluded that this blog is really not the right format for my New York Style Pizza Locator.   For that directory, I’ve built a Web Site, currently located at  Each  place will have an individual ranking and review if available.

My biggest problem is when using Front Page, copying and pasting one section to another, and then having to reformat stuff.  I think I’m making a big mess of it.  Maybe I need to learn something about Style Sheets?  Problem is, I don’t want to be a Web Developer.  I want to be a pizza content coordinator! 

Anyway, my latest updated completed the Columbia section of the SC page, to include Pop’s Pizza, Dano’s, and Village Idiot.  All three YUMMY good pizza.  All three the real deal. 

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4 Responses to Progress on the New York Pizza Finder

  1. Michael says:

    Arghhh you’re using front page! It’s just that front page is usually viewed as an absolute evil in the web design industry. I would try using dreamweaver and a web design expert.

  2. Jim Steen says:

    Off topic of web design and back to pizza… Have you tried Schiano’s over in NE Columbia? I’m not talking about the stand they have in Columbia mall but their actual restaurant over in the Spring Valley area. Very good pizza. I believe they have a restaurant in the Harbison area also but not really sure about that. If they do you need to check out the NE one first.

  3. pizza says:

    Yes, Michael, I admit I’m using Front Page. I’ve worked with many Graphic Designers and they all feel the same way about Front Page. Oh well, the idea here is to deliver some valuable content to help those in need of good New York Style pizza– I’m not too worried about looks. (clearly) I will be looking at ways to make my cutting and pasting easier, though, so I can get more rankings published quicker. thanks for the comment, Tom S.

  4. pizza says:

    Jimmy, thanks for the comment. I have been to Schiano’s, both the one at Columbiana and the one at Columbia Mall. I’ve not been to the one in Spring Valley– I’ll have to check it out. I’ll be sure to add Schiano’s to my list. Thanks, Tom

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