New York Style Pizza in Chicago

I’ve been to Chicago about 5 or 6 times and love the city, but I’ve often wondered if I could live there.  NO NEW YORK STYLE PIZZA!  I know there’s go to be some, but I sure haven’t found it.  Anyone out there know of any?  I just found this blog that refers to it.  An excerpt, speaking of Gigio’s of Evanston:

 They advertise a New York style pizza, and it’s as close as I’ve seen to it in Chicagoland. It’s not the real thing, (I’m from the east coast, I know a foldable, oily, chewy crust pizza from the imposters) but it’s a nice antitode to the matzoh thin crusts or the 10 lb, 4″ deep dishes everywhere else. And it’s much closer than Philly’s Best, another Evanston pizza place with an attempt at NY style. (Although Philly’s best has a real stromboli and Tastycakes, two things you won’t find anywhere else in the midwest).


 NOTE added 04/2007:  Be Sure to Check out the  New York Pizza Finder Chicago Page.

49 Responses to New York Style Pizza in Chicago

  1. KJO says:

    Try out a joint called Cafe Luigi at 2548 N. Clark–not bad; not bad at all!

  2. Gilly says:

    Tom, I have some bad news for you. You will have to remove Carlo’s from your list of pizza places as they have closed up shop and are out of business. I am currently looking for a new place where I can get a good slice of New York Style pizza here in Charlotte. I have had some promising tips from other people, but haven’t had time to check them out for myself.

  3. Pasquale says:


    ^_^ what means??
    The only good pizza all over the world is the one that we make on Naples Italy

    Others are BS!!!!

  4. Tom S says:

    I have to admit I have never tried real pizza in Italy. Sounds like I need to plan a trip, eh? I grew up in a place in New Jersey where there’s lots of Italian-Americans who came over here and gave us a taste of great pizza. This blog focuses on New York Style Pizza because there is lots of bad pizza out there, and for a true lover of great pizza, a good slice can be hard to find. OK, so I will go to Naples and try the real thing. It’s now been added to my life to-do list. THANK YOU, PASQUALE!

  5. Jason says:

    Try Santullo’s in wicker park, it’s some of the best New York style pizza I’ve ever had. Also, if you you’re looking for Naples style pizza as mentioned above, check out Spacca Napoli on sunnyside. This guy had all his materials as well as the craftsmen flown in from Italy to build his wood burning oven. Very good pizza, just like the retard above is talking about, but you have to eat it there. it doesn’t taste as good unless it’s right out of the oven.

  6. Emily says:

    I have been in search of New York style pizza since I moved here 4 years ago!! I have to agree with Jason that Santullo’s is as good as it gets here. I love the pizza but the service and ability of them to deliver is always questionable.

  7. robin says:

    My friends and I are on a similar quest. We’ve reloted to Chicago from the east coast and were horrified that their idea of “pizza”. We’ve been to Piece in Wicker Park and Cafe Lugi’s and are continuing our quest for the best NY pie in Chicago- in fact, we are making a documentary.
    In pizza love,


  8. Michael says:

    Some of us have the reverse problems. I am from Chicago and live in NY. Now that is a tough one. But I have enjoyed pizza all over the world (Pizza in Napoli is pretty good, but I would take a slice from New York over it), and am trying to find some great New York style places in New York.

    I am checking some recommendations through this site and and others like Citysearch and have been dissapointed with the favorites. I have been here 7 years and found I like the average slice on the street better than the “best of” lists. Any great “average” places?


  9. Amanda says:

    Ok, so I moved here about eight months ago and the first pizza I got was a small Giordano’s stuffed crust for the two of us. The box was deceptively small and I almost fell on my face when the guy handed it to me. It weighed 7,980,908 pounds!!! Being from about an hour north of NYC, I didn’t expect that monster when I ordered a SMALL pie! So I began my quest then and there, and finally, about a month ago, after a ton of recommendations for “good” thin-crust, (which were all thick, pastry-crusted, and cut into squares… SO NOT what I was looking for!!), I discovered “Apart” Pizza on Montrose in Lincoln Square. REAL pizza dough, cooked in a 650 degree oven for about seven minutes… this is truly the closest I’ve found to back home. (Our 18 inch weighed and cost less than our wee-little fat thing I spoke of earlier. ) The only difference being that the crust is perhaps even a little thinner than traditional NY style. Just go to Lincoln Square and follow your nose; you’ll find it!

  10. JB says:

    I love you simps who think pizza wherever you came from is better than pizza everywhere else. It isn’t. It’s just what you learned to think pizza’s supposed to be like. Look up the primacy fallacy sometime and see if your little minds can reformulate it to apply to food preferences.

  11. Ranee says:

    Anyone know of a NY Style pizza place in the burbs? We’re in Naperville, and I can’t find anything close. For those of you in Villa Park, Arlington Heights or Hoffman Estates, check out Garibaldis. It’s the best NY Style I’ve found here.

  12. Allison says:

    Real pizza is not meant to be cut in little parallelograms, first of all. Imperfect triangles. No exceptions! New york style, or real italian pizza, or any wood oven pizza that is made correctly is sorely missed when thick, THICK cheese sits upon the even thicker crust that is supposed to be the “pizza” you were craving when you plaed the order. Then you sit with your inch of cheese upon a greasy, thick saltine and miss your home town goodness…. That’s all I’m sayin.

  13. ANTE says:

    If you want real NY style pizza go to Chicagos Pizza on Lincoln..

  14. Joe says:

    Ok, so, I stay in Oakbrook every other week for business, and am so sick of Chicago style pizza — I like it, i’m just sick of it. I need a NY slice.
    Can anyone recommend a place?

  15. pizza says:

    There are several places listed above, non near Oakbrook? The following link has a summary of the places listed above.

  16. Elle says:

    I found the best New York style pizza outside of New York. It is called New York Slices in Highland Park, IL. You can buy by the slice or the whole pie. It is a real as it gets. The garlic knots are fabulous. You have got to try it! They also offer a whole wheat crust. The Grandma pizza is the best! I highly recommend!

  17. Andrea says:

    The suggestion about NY Style Pizza at Chicago’s is garbage. That is not NY Style pizza and it tastes absolutely gross. Like a lot of the pizza out here in Chicago they put the marinara sauce on top and the cheese is gross anyways. Don’t waste your time!

  18. scott evans says:

    Folks, while I really enjoyed all yor comments,isn’t the key issue:
    Does Lombardi’s of NY have a franchise/spin off in Chicago?

  19. Tom (not the maker of this site) says:

    I’ve tried a few of these. The only one that I’ve found that’s NY style is Cafe Luigi’s. While Garbaldi’s has an ok cheesesteak, it does not have NY style pizza. It’s ok pizza compared to the crap near Chicago but not NY style. Bottom line… either visit back home on the east coast or go to Cafe Luigi’s!

  20. Devon says:

    I agree that Gigio’s is good, however, they can’t touch NY Slices. It’s the real deal from the foldability (no squares “slices” there!) to the grease dripping off when you take a bite to the “pizza mouth” you get when you take that first screaming hot bite. It’s truly the best around. Prices are good and the food is amazing.

  21. […] no doubt that my blog about New York Style Pizza in Chicago consistently generates the most page views and has generated the most comments.  On the New […]

  22. Pizza Hut says:

    […] no doubt that my blog about New York Style Pizza in Chicago consistently generates the most page views and has generated the most comments.  On the New […]

  23. Nick says:

    Try the original Gigio’s in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago (on Broadway just south of Leland). I found out that the one, under the same name, in Evanston is in fact run by a former partner or relative of the original operation in Chicago, and is likely different in quality from the original. I’ve been curious to try the Evanston shop anyway at some point but haven’t yet. After living here for almost 15 years, the original Gigio’s on Broadway is by far the closest thing I’ve come across to reliable NY style pizza in Chicago – for a test, just get a few “cheese only” slices and see what you think.

    The other place I remember having a reputation for offering good NY style pIzza Is Renaldi’s, also on Broadway, but farther south just north of Diversey in the Lakeview neighborhood.

  24. FNY says:

    OK, if you’re going to Chicago for business why the hell would you look for New York style pizza? That’s completely dumb. BTW Deep-dish>oily crap(aka NY style pizza)

  25. pizza says:

    A person would go to Chicago for a lot of reasons. Chicago is a great town and we love it there. I even love the pizza. But a person should be able to get New York Style Pizza ANYWHERE, even in Chicago. Thank goodness there are several places in the area and you can find them at New York Pizza Finder Chicago Page

  26. […] we are in Chicago.    Through this blog I’ve received many comments about where to find New York Style Pizza in Chicago.    So tonight we will check out Cafe Luigi right here in the Gold Coast / Miracle Mile […]

  27. […] we are in Chicago.    Through that blog I’ve received many comments about where to find New York Style Pizza in Chicago.    So tonight we will check out Cafe Luigi right here in the Gold Coast / Miracle Mile […]

  28. FmtheD says:

    What I can’t understand about pizza in Chicago… You can get thick crust, stuffed crust, double dough, and thin crust, but not crust. Nobody seems to grasp the concept of a pizza with dough that is not so thick it doesn’t cook through, and not crunchy like a cracker. There is something in between, and it is wonderful…

  29. luvnit says:

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Noli’s pizza, up by Kedzie and Lawrence. They deliver, reasonable prices. Like many others mentioned here, it is not EXACTLY NY pizza but very close, you will eat every bit of crust up!

  30. fred masson says:

    I loved Tribeca pizza in NY but don’t know what happed to it! I like the gooey thick cheese that pulls with each bite, the subtle tomato sauce, and the cardboard like crust! Does anyone know what happened to Tribeca or what is similar to the above pizza description in NY or IL? They used to have Ritz Pizza in Arlington Heights years ago and a Pizza place in the middle of Randhurst before food courts were invented.
    Thank you!

  31. Rick Pandya says:

    We moved to Chicago burbs a little over 2 years ago and I too like every one else have been on a hunt to find NY/NJ style pizza. I am a chef by hobby and I used to make great pizzas back in NJ but with the same recipe and the same ingredients, it was a total shock for me that it does not create the same pizza here in Chicago. Seems like this place with its climate and water is just not suited for a good Italian pizza. You have to be in the North East to enjoy that. I guess that is the reason why Chicago came up with that pastry type of dough that masks all the flavors except for the cheese and meat.

  32. Kevin says:

    I did not think Cafe Luigi on Clark was all that great. NOt bad, and was an attempt at New York style. I had slices though, You really have to get a pizza fresh out of the oven.

    I will try again. I am heading up to Sonnyside to Try Spacca Napoli next week santullo’s.

  33. Chris says:

    Ok there is a great little town called Elmwood Park directly west of the city. It is located north of the Esienhower expressway. Its borders are North Ave. Harlem Ave. and Belmont Ave. The is an amazing place called Spizzico’s Pizzeria. It has amazing pizza and pasta. It is a great place to eat. The owner and the employees are very courteous and kind. That is a great choice.

  34. Gerard says:

    I grew up in NJ < 20 mi from NY. I have traveled all over Italy and Europe and true NY Pizza rivals anything in the world. I now live in IL and cannot deal with the "pizza" any longer. Look, the deep dish would not be bad if you called it something else, but it is not pizza. As to the other stuff, please it is not pizza at all. There is no such thing as "party-squares." Pizza cut up in squares is toaster pizza and is only appropriate if you are drunk and every known pizza place is closed. I now wish I never had pizza from NY so that I would not miss it. Don’t get me started on the bagels. . . . .

  35. Will Sullivan says:

    I moved to Chicago about 5 years ago and Im dying here! Pizza this is not! I did find a company in brooklyn that ships pies overnight that are pretty good. Its called They used to carry the pizza at Schmaltz’ deli in Naperville but Im not sure if they still do. To all you other transplanted New Yorkers…I FEEL YOUR PAIN!

  36. King Pizza Freak says:

    Tell you what. I found better that any Chicago style pizza in of all places, Texas! Of course they are New York implants. One is Romanos in Houston on West Gray, Yo Frank and Vinny! The other is a guy in North Irving, just west of Dallas named Marios. Yum. I get to leave the Windy Shitty next week and get me some. Ahhh, real pizza, instead of a giant loaf of bread with piles of crap all over it. Burp, followed by heartburn.

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  39. Michael says:

    Marisa’s Pizza is awesome, best White pizza in the area, Localted in Deerfield, IL on Dundee and Sanders Rd. The crust has the flavor you’ve been looking for. I haven’t been able to find anything better locally yet.

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  41. calvin k says:

    Try out Jimmy’s Pizza Cafe located at 5159 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago. Jimmy’s realy satisfy homesick New Yorkers living in Chicago. I felt I was at home there.

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  47. Mike Nelson says:

    Little Pops Pizzeria on 1819 Wehrli Road Naperville just opened and they are serving true authentic NY Style Pizza and more.

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