Found! New York Pizza in Orlando

It didn’t take long to find some New York Style Pizza in Orlando.  Our first stop, before even checking into the hotel, was to visit Anthony’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant, located in the Thornton Park area of downtown Orlando.  Anthony’s ghas a long line of “Orlando’s Best Pizza” awards to its credit.  It’s a nice restaurant with a traditional menue for a Pizzeria and Italian Restaurant.  It scored a perfect 100 on the Sliker Rating System.   Val and I had both had some issues with the crust.  It was definitely New York Style, but maybe just a little doughier than we usually prefer.  I had  a suspicion that the dough was not hand tossed, or possibly that the ovens weren’t as hot as they should be.  As a result, Anthony only got 4 stars on the Yummy Factor.  Overall, though, it was a pleasant dining experience.  We ate outside and enjoyed the Florida Spring Time. 

I took the opportunity to update the New York Pizza Finder Web Site to include a couple of Florida places.  I added Anthony’s as well as LaBella’s over in Flagler Beach. 

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