Locate New York Pizza Podcasts with PodZinger

Maybe everybody else already heard of this, but I just learned today about PodZinger, which is a search engine that will search podcasts for content.  This product was developed by BBN, the company that developed the Internet.  The guy in the interview I heard refers to the guy he works with as "the guy who invented the @ sign."  They've been working for years on spy technology that scans recordings and recognizes key words.  They've now channelled that into a search engine.  You can hear the entire interview on Leo Laporte's Inside the Net podcast.  

So how does this apply to New York Style Pizza?  I did a search on New York Style Pizza and found the one podcast in the results.   Try my search and you will find a podcast where Karl of www.justsayok.net answers the question, "how do you find Good new York Style pizza?"  The cool thing about PodZinger is that it tells you where in the podcast to find this part of the conversation and has a built-in player.  You can click ahead to 14:06 of the podcast and find Karl's answer.  BTW– I don't agree with his answer!

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