New York Style Pizza on Wikipedia

I realized last night that Wikipedia is a little weak in the area of New York Style Pizza.  I haven’t had the desire before to update Wikipedia, but I really thought this topic needed some work.  So now, I’m trying to figure out how big to make it.  Should we add some links to New York Style Pizza blogs?  Web sites?  Should I point folks to the New York Pizza Finder? My first thoughts on the matter:  If somebody finds their way to the New York Pizza page on Wikipedia, then they ought to have their eyes opened to all that is available out there, and ought to have the opportunity to connect to people who are passionate about New York Style Pizza.  I welcome your thoughts on the matter…

Another thing I found interesting about messing with Wikipedia was when I realized we needed a photo on the page.  I have several nice shots of New York Style Pizza on the home page of this blog, but I have to admit they are stolen!  Yes, lifted off of Google Images, placed on, and linked to from this blog.  But to load these things up onto Wikipedia there is a bunch of red tape, including some sign-offs from the creator.  So… I’m thinking it will be easier to take my own photo and endure the red tape.  Here are a couple of the photos I found on Google that I really like.

Which do you prefer?  Or do you know of others? 

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