Pizza in Charleston, WV — Is it lacking???

I'm still trying to figure out how  Technorati works, so I'm spending a good bit of time after I post doing queries on Technorati and waiting for my post to show up.  For a while there unless I manually ping the site.  The other problem is that I don't get credit for all the links to my blog.   Technorati shows four sites with links to my site, but then it still describes my site as 0 links from 0 sites.  So what I do is use BlogFlux to ping Technorati and others after each of my posts, and I also ping any sites or pages that are linking to my blogs.  I don't know how else to get Technorati to see what I'm doing. 

So anyway, I'm searching Technorati for Pizza and Technorati waiting for my last post to show up, and I see an interesting blog about the lack of good pizza in Charleston, WV.

2 Responses to Pizza in Charleston, WV — Is it lacking???

  1. Les Hamrick says:

    Try the thin crust pepperoni at the Pizza Place across the street from Parkersburg High School. The also serve in The Food Court in Grand Central Mall. It’s the best thin crust in the state, the best sauce and the best pepperoni.

  2. Thanks for that tip about BlogFlux, I will try that.

    As to pizza, I hate to say it (I am a Brooklyite of more than a decade), but the pizza in São Paulo, Brazil is (gasp) better than New York pizza. There are a lot of Italians who turned left rather than right during the diaspora, so one thing I do not miss in exile here is the Little Italy experience. Little trattorias, strong coffee, pizza delivered by the legendary motoboy.

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