Flipper’s Pizza in Orlando / Kissimmee

It was the big sign that said “Pizzeria” that caught my attention.  I had been traveling around Orlando trying to find the place called “Real New York Pizza” and finally had concluded it was far away, and I was too hungry to wait.  I was heading to Kissimmee to ride some go-carts and to find a place called “New York Pizza”.   I went into Flipper’s and was disappointed to find that I couldn’t buy a slice.  Strike One.

I left because I saw a sign across the street that said “NYPD Pizza”– Yippee, I was hoping to try some NYPD Pizza while in Orlando.  NYPD was no where to be found– closed down maybe?  Not arrived yet?  No idea.

So we returned to Flipper’s and asked for a medium pie.  I saw on their menu that they slice their large pizzas into twelve slices.  Strike Two!  They have three kinds of pizza– Chicago Deep Dish, Traditional, and Neopolitan (thin).  So we ordered a Medium Neopolitan and, behold, it was yummy (4.5 stars on the Yummy Factor). 

And on the Sliker Index, Flipper’s scores a 60, as follows:

Thin Crust Pizza (40/40)
Pizza by the Slice Availability (0/10)
Large Slices (0/10)
Traditional Pizza Ovens (10/10)
Sicilian Pizza Availability (0/10)
Run by Italians (0/10)
Red & Green or Italy Theme or Name (5/5)
Pizza or Pizzeria in Title (spelled correctly!) (5/5)

One Response to Flipper’s Pizza in Orlando / Kissimmee

  1. John Zelahy says:

    Well, did you ever find a good New York style pizza place? We will be moving to Orlando soon and that will be one of our first priorities.


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