Another Day in Pizza Heaven

We are 4 for 4 here in Orlando.  Today I tried out New York Pizza out on Hwy 192, just south of Disney World.  The pizza was delicious and had all the makings of an excellent New York Pizza place.  For some reason, however, they don’t sell pizza by the slice, and they cut their X-Large pizzas (18″) into 12 slices!  Why?  Why?  Why? 

A big old slice is a key component of the true New York Pizza experience, right?  Anyway, the pie was delicious and I recommend it to anyone going to Disney World or anywhere close.  I’m giving 4.5 stars on the Yummy Factor, and it comes out as an 80 on the Sliker Scale, as follows:

Thin Crust Pizza (40)
Pizza by the Slice Availability (0)
Large Slices (0)
Traditional Pizza Ovens (10)
Sicilian Pizza Availability (10)
Run by Italians (10)
Red & Green or Italy Theme or Name (5)
Pizza or Pizzeria in Title (spelled correctly!) (5)

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