More New York Pizza in Orlando – Gourmeto’s

I took a chance on this “hole in the wall” because it had a big sign that just said “Pizzeria” and was close to the hotel, and when I walked inside it smelled good and there was a guy that sounded like a New Yorker talking on the phone.  The pizza comes in four sizes– medium, large, x-large, and xx-large (18″).  And they’re open and deliver until 2 am.  And they have canolis for dessert.  I knew it would be my kind of place.

So we got a to-go menu and called around 10:30, ordering a x-large and an xx-large to feed 6 of us.  It was excellent New York Style Pizza.  Gourmeto’s is located at Exit 67 off of I-4 in Orlando, just a mile from the Marriott World Center.  The phone number is 407-465-1818.  Gourmeto’s ranks an 80 on the Sliker Scale, as listed below, and gets a 4.5 Yummy factor.   

Thin Crust Pizza (40)
Pizza by the Slice Availability (0)
Large Slices (10)
Traditional Pizza Ovens (10)
Sicilian Pizza Availability (0)
Run by Italians (10)
Red & Green or Italy Theme or Name (5)
Pizza or Pizzeria in Title (spelled correctly!) (5)

3 Responses to More New York Pizza in Orlando – Gourmeto’s

  1. Steve Ragan says:

    I was down there beginning of April and had the same raves.
    Good pizza and good guy behind the counter.
    The only difference in my experience was being able to get a slice.
    The guy looked at me like I had two heads when I asked for one but he did sell me one.

    After a TERRIBLE pizza experience from a delivery joint earlier in the week I didn’t want to take any chances on dinner. The slice was so good we ordered two XX-Large pies, garlic knots and chicken wings for dinner. Everything was excellent.

    Keep in mind their XX-Large is like a NY large.

  2. Merrick says:

    I just moved to Orlando and happened upon Gourmeto’s because it is practically around the corner from where I live, not to mention it’s open ’til 2am, a rarity in Orlando. I wasn’t expecting much but, to my surprise, the pizza was FANTASTIC! I grew up in NY and know great NY pizza and have been suffering living in CA, Vegas and Jackson Hole, WY without great pizza, with a few exceptions that came close. But Gourmeto’s brought back memories of the real good NY pizza. I agree about their not having slices readily available, although they do have a 12″ pie that is essentially a personal pizza and works well. I haven’t tried too many other pizza places in Orlando (yet) but this is definitely a great start! Especially if you’re doing Disney, and you’re hungry midnight or afterwards, you’re doing great with Gourmeto’s.

  3. Joe says:

    Gourmeto’s is great! I get food from there every week and am always happy.

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