NYPD Pizza – Missing In Action?

One of goals for my trip to Orlando was to get a taste of NYPD Pizza.  I blogged about it  once before after reading that they were trying to get good New York Pizza to the masses.  They’re based in Orlando so I thought I’d get the chance to try it out.

While out near Kissimmee, I saw a sign that said NYPD Pizza.  After making a few U-Turns and working my way to the strip mall where I saw the sign, I found nothing—No coming soon or anything.  But I did see a Grand Opening sign for a Chinese place.  I figured maybe NYPD had been there but shut down.

So  a couple days later I’m heading back to S.C., and I figure I’ll stop by the NYPD in downtown Orlando.  I had Googled it and found the address to be:

(407) 872-6973
373 N Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32801

 So I called the number and no answer.  So I drove by and guess what I found?  An abandoned building!  So what’s going on with NYPD Pizza? 

I checked their official site tonight   and they show only one store in Orlando, located west of town.  So now I’ll have to make a trip to Charleston to try out NYPD Pizza. 

8 Responses to NYPD Pizza – Missing In Action?

  1. Adam says:

    The Downtown store closed due to landlord issues. The MetroWest store is still alive an kicking more so than ever. It is the official Precinct training store and It’s really not that far out of town! Takes about 10minutes from Universal Studios. There is a store opening up in Downtown orlando right on church street. It is right on the train tracks and right now they are waiting for the buildout to begin. The pizza taste just like NY, I’m from Queens. Definetly try it out!

  2. pizza says:

    Man, I am really sorry I missed it. Next trip to Orlando I will be there. Thanks for the comment! Tom

  3. Karen Yeates says:

    The NYPD Pizza in Kissimmee is scheduled to open in about a month. My husband and I own the NYPD Pizza in Mt. Pleasant, SC (Charleston). We’ve been open since March 2006. We would love to have you come try out and try us! NYPD Pizza is absolutely great pie….truly New York style! My husband is from New York and he opened this pizzeria because he too missed true New York style pie in the south. Come out and see us soon…

  4. NYPD Pizza sites are starting to open Nationwide, I have just opened the first of many in Mesquite, TX just outside of Dallas. Austin, TX is slated to open in late March. You will no longer have to fly to Orlando to get the best NY style pizza, you can now find it out West! Come by and see us at:

    540 Clay Mathis Dr.
    Mesquite, TX 75181

  5. Mike says:

    NYPD is in Colorado !
    town Broomfield
    100 th and Wadsworth

    A great pie !!!!

  6. Josh says:

    NYPD is a cool place. Those little bread things are amazing. The pizza lacked toppings in Scottsdale,AZ.

    Good luck to the new owners:)


  7. Josie Knight says:

    NYPD Pizza in MetroWest is amazing! I was a regular at the Downtown location but I knew they had landlord issues the whole time they were there, we got very close with the owners and still go visit them to this day. We are proud that little old Orlando is home to this amazing pizzeria and now franchise company! Case in point, get to the location or check out their website for franchise locations. I believe its nypdpizza.net or nypdpizzeria.com or just google nypd pizza and that should help! Enjoy the yumminess and come meet us in orlando for a slice sometime!

  8. steve says:

    this is the way pizza is supposed to taste

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