A Slice of Pizza in Savannah

I was driving home from Florida and thought I might stop in Savannah for a Slice.  I connected to the Web via my Pocket PC Phone and asked Google to help me out.  The predominant response was a pointer to Vinnie’s Van Go-Go’s

I called the number on the site and got NO ANSWER.  After doing a little more research, I found a number of mixed reviews, some loving it and some not so much.  

Anyway, I’m adding Vinnie’s to my Locator Page for Savannah, Georgia.  Sounds like it's worth a try. 

2 Responses to A Slice of Pizza in Savannah

  1. […] I’ve got an upcoming trip to Jacksonville, FL, and plan to sample a few pizzerias in that area.  Not to mention a possible stop in Savannah to check out Vinnie’s.  Anybody got suggestions for a good New York Style Pizza in Jacksonville??  Or maybe someplace close by? […]

  2. dB says:

    I live outside of Savannah. Vinnie’s rocks. Especially if you like white pizza.

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