New York Pizza in La-La Land

After doing some research I’ve found that there are definitely not a lot of choices for the New York Pizza lover in Los Angeles.  Albano’s seems to garner the most passion from ex-New Yorkers, and Lamonica’s has somewhat mixed reviews.  My wife and I have fond memories of a place along the boardwarl at Venice Beach that was quite good.  We arrived in L.A. at 5 pm with plans to get a slice of pizza and watch the sunset.  The slice worked out great, but we found that Venice is not a great place to watch a sunset, at least not in late June.  The sunset was blocked by mountains. 

5 Responses to New York Pizza in La-La Land

  1. West-Siide Pie Guy says:

    Sorry to be so blunt but,

    Albano’s SUCKS

    and is a far cry from Southern California’s best New York-style pie. Mulberry Street Pizza (multiple locations) used to be the title holder but actress Cathy Moriarity’s pie shop has slipped to the point that slices no longer stand @ attention when held horizontally.

    Lamonica’s is only okay but, IMHO, the best cures for pizza homesickness are:

    A Slice of NY on Pier Ave. in Seal Beach. Dis is da real ting.

    Village Pizzeria on Larchmont in Larchmont Village. Make sure to emphasize “Napolitan over Sicilian

  2. Scott Mercer says:

    Hello from L.A.

    Johnnie’s is good, but not great. (Multiple locations)

    Some people here rave about Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock, but…that’s NOT new york style pizza. It’s not even pizza, really.

    It has a cardboard crust, too much sauce and not enough cheese. I will say the pie was nice and hot and freshly made. Whatever it was, it was tasty. but it WASN’T PIZZA. This place is always crowded though. I don’t get it. These people need to be educated.

  3. Scott Mercer says:

    Yeah, I forgot, if you want a big sloppy Sicilian style slice, Palermo on Vermont Avenue is still around I think. Mmmm…big greasy chunks of sausage. I used to eat this quite often on a job I had long ago…

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