Return of the New York Pizza Blog

I can't believe it's been two months since my last blog post.  I can't really explain why I haven't posted.  I know it's NOT because the blog and the mission of serving New York Pizza Lovers is not important.  I'm more convinced than ever that this is indeed an important mission, and the comments on this site confirm it.  Also, the stats confirm it.  I'm averaging over 80 page views a day with peaks that go well over 100 pages viewed.  A lot of people are looking for New York Style Pizza in particular locations.  Looking at the stats and reading the comments on this site is very humbling to me.

 And I want everyone to know that my research HAS NOT SLOWED DOWN– I just haven't blogged about it.  So I've got some making up to do– I need to blog about Myrtle Beach, SC, another trip to Orlando, FL, a trip to SouthWest Florida, and more.  It's all coming soon– I've recommitted to the mission.

 Tom S.

7 Responses to Return of the New York Pizza Blog

  1. Tom F. says:

    Hallelujah! It is ALIVE! Bring it on, big guy! Let’s hear about that pizza!

  2. Tom F. says:

    Man, I’m hungry!

  3. frank says:

    i found this site that has a menu for some of the pizzeria around me
    pizza restaurant listing/

  4. Johnny says:

    I am from the Princeton/Trenton New Jersey–Bucks County/Philly Pennsylvania area, and grew up on that area’s pizza. We did not refer to it as “New York style.” It was just pizza, and different places or cooks had their different little twists, but it was almost all good. I recall a place called “Carmine’s” in Pentington Circle, New Jersey, that was just fantastic. My father was a huge pizza fan, we went out every week for it, and he always ordered extra tomatoe sauce. When I first encountered Chicago-style it was a horrifying and depressing experience. That’s not pizze–there should be another name for it.

    Anyway, if you are ever in South Bend, Indiana, check out Rocco’s Pizza. Some of the best pizza I’ve ever had anywhere. Fantastic stuff, and while we’re in the mid-west, the family is Italian and you don’t need to forgive their pizza anything.

  5. marion says:

    I need NY pizza soon!!! Having withdrawl here in beautiful myrtle beach!! help

  6. Tom S says:

    I have had lousy luck in Myrtle Beach lately! Read about it at

    I ate at a good Italian Restaurant on the south side (Garden City) that had good pie.

    I’m not sure if this is it, but you might want to try Nico’s of New York.

    Good luck and let me know what you find!

    Tom S

  7. scott wo says:

    Yes it is Nico’s of New York! It’s the only pizza i’ll eat down here! Their meals are out of this world too and won’t break the bank like someother inferior Italian restaraunts will in this area…

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