Striking Out in Myrtle Beach

It was two months ago that I went to Myrtle Beach and stayed in a campground on the South end of town.  I managed to find some opportunities to seek out some good New York Style Pizza while I was there.  There used to be a place right down in the heart of Old Myrtle Beach near the pavilion that had very good slices.  The last two or three times I went by there it was closed for the off-season. 

So this time I tried a few other places that looked promising.  None of them had really bad pizza, but none was what I was looking for either.  Pizza Trattoria Romana is located in the heart of Myrtle Beach, at 701 South Kings Hwy.  I brought the family there for dinner.  It scored only a 55 out of 100 on the Sliker Scale, and maybe (generously) 3 stars on the Yummy scale.  There were no slices, no happy Italian family, no Sicilian pie…

The second place I tried was on the south side, down near Ocean Lakes campground on Hwy 544.  It’s called Alfredo’s Pizza-Pasta-Subs.  It looked promising from the outside, but alas, run by an Indian guy, no slices, etc, etc…  It rated a 60 on the Sliker Scale and maybe 2-1/2 stars on the Yummy Factor. 

It seems like I also found a third place but it I don’t remember where.  What a crying shame– a pizza place that I can’t even remember.  


One Response to Striking Out in Myrtle Beach

  1. greg says:

    best pizza on the grand strand buddy is nico’s of n.y!! the best pizza around-the taste is amazing you feel like you are in manhatten eating a slice. not just the same as in n.y but hands down even better than what i had back home. try it you will love it!!!!!!!!!

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