www.newyorkpizzafinder.com – for New York Style Pizza

July 21, 2006

I finally got the pizza site (www.newyorkpizzafinder.com)  it’s very own URL and it’s very own site.  For now it’s still a Front Page site and pretty labor intensive to keep up to date and accurate.  I am trying!  I’ve also looked into getting setup with a decent content management and would like to ability to more tightly integrate with the New York Pizza Blog.  Also, eventually, it would be nice to allow membership and maybe even sell some pizza-related merchandise.  I can dream, can’t I? ?

New York Pizza in Eastern PA

July 16, 2006

I was amazed at all the New York Style Pizza places the Harrisburg area, including Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, York, Lancaster, and Gettysburg.  I did not have a chance to visit many or feel the need to research much in this area.  Suffice it to say, if you visit these towns, you will not have a problem finding a decent slice of New York Pizza.  I’m trying to figure out how best to represent this on the Pizza Locator map.  Any ideas?  I guess I’m lumping Eastern PA in there with New Jersey and New York– too may pizza places to mention, and kind of out of scope for this blog.  I’ll put up some flags for the towns I’ve visited, but I’m thinking of adding some new kind of shading for New York, New Jersey, and this portion of PA. 

Finding New York Pizza Nirvana in Harrisburg

July 15, 2006

I’m not sure it’s even worth looking for or listing out all the good pizza places in the Harrisburg area.  It’s like being in New York or New Jersey– there seems to be a good pie on every corner.  Besides the place in Mechanicsburg, I tried out a couple places last night in downtown Harrisburg.  On 2nd Street, which is where most of the restaurants and bars are in Harrisburg, I found two great places to get a slice.  Palumbo’s was excellent, I got a slice from there, and then at 2nd Street Pizza, we ended up getting a whole pie.  Both places have both traditional (Neopolitan) and Sicilian slices.  A most excellent pizza journey this weekend…

Finding Good Pizza Near Harrisburg, PA

July 14, 2006

I’ve got a few days to spend here in Central Pennsylvania, and my first night here I went to eat with a group at Grandpa’s Growler in downtown Mechanicsburg.  Right next door, what did I see?  Only a place called Sal’s Pizza!   So of course I had to sneak away from the group for an “appetizer”, a slice of Sal’s as well as a good look around.  Sal’s ranked a 100 on the Sliker Scale, and 4 stars on the yummy factor.  Not bad for my first night in town.  Tonight, I’ll be looking for a more– one or two in Mechanicsburg and a couple in Harrisburg…