Welcome OHIO to the New York Style Pizza Blog!

You never know what you’re gonna find or when you’ll find when you’re searching through Google.  I was doing a search on New York Style Pizza in Savannah, and my blog entry was the first entry to pop up.  So eyeballed the second and third entries, and found (for whatever reason) a page describing an incredible New York Style Pizza place in Pickerington, Ohio, which is near Columbus.   Check out this link about Pizzeria New York in Pickerington.  Sounds pretty darn yummy.   I think I might have to find a way to get to Pickerington… 

4 Responses to Welcome OHIO to the New York Style Pizza Blog!

  1. jason says:

    This is no such thing as real NY style pizza in Ohio- Ohio also has the worst chinese food and no ethnic background in any area of cuisine.’

    The only way to get real NY style pizza is to go to Ray’s on 11th in NYC or order it online/ups delivery.

    • Stevie says:

      I agree Ohio can’t get it right everyone along the east coast knows how to make pizza but you come to Ohio and people don’t get it if they did good ny pizza here they would definitely put others out of business

      Stevie dalpe

  2. jordan says:

    I recently ordered a pizza from Pizzeria New York Pickerington and was overcharged. I called and alerted them to this. The person who answered the call was clueless so I asked to speak to manager. A female manager came on the phone with the worst customer serivce skills ever. She acted like I was trying to scam them. I pointed out their error and she only became more rude. They have yet to credit the correct amount on my account. I will be contacting the BBB. If you dont like being overcharged and rude service keep going down the road. J.BRADFORD

  3. Tracie Pearson says:

    I love New York Pizzeria in Pickering ton. I grew up here eat out all the time and have been to most restaurants here from fine dining to neighborhood dives. They have some of the most authentic food i have ever had for a pizzeria. The cal zone is light and flaky not hard and doughy like alot of Ohio joints. Meatballs . Perfect o!!!! but the meat and potatos of course is the pizza and Holy Cannoli
    is it amazing. This family owned business has some of the best customer service i have ever had with eveyone chipping in. I worked in the food industry for years This is worth visiting. (multiple times)

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