New York Style Pizza in Charlotte

November 9, 2006

I’ve been very lax in updating the Charlotte section of this blog as well as  Turns out my favorite New York Style Pizza Place, Nurchi’s, shut down last year and that was a big disappointment.  Nonetheless, there are a lot of ex-New Yorkers in Charlotte, and a number of good New York Style Pizza Places in the Charlotte area.  Carlo’s is my favorite.  Here are some comments from my relatives who live in Charlotte or visit often:

 From Gerry:

The first one to come to mind is the one up at Prosperity Road.  I can’t think of the name, but some others on this list will, and they can put it on your website title

The Carlo’s on N. Tryon St is no longer.  However, there is a Carlo’s in the South Blvd. Also some that I like are: Amalfi’s at the University area, Portafino’s on Eastway, Fuel Pizza on Central, (I think that you have been there), Hawthorn’s NY Pizza on Hawthorn

From David
I think he is talking about Due Amici. You can’t go wrong there. The first time I ate there I thought I was back in New York.

From Valerie:
I have been to Hawthorne’s NY Pizza, here is my brief review: 

No green, red, white decor, pizza by the slice M-F only. I was not thrilled with it, I had part of a large cheese pie

Another Charlotte place is Due Amici Pizza at Prosperity Church Rd. and Mallard Creek Rd. intersection.  They do have the green,white, red decor and pizza by the slice, but are closed Sundays so I couldn’t try one.

Real New York Pizza from Domino’s?

November 9, 2006

I try not to prejudiced, I want to give everybody a chance, but my experience with national chains trying to produce good New York Style pizza is not too great.  Pizza Hut had the “Big New Yorker” a couple years back, but that was just a Pizza Hut pizza, a little bigger, with big slices.  A step in the right direction, but very little in the way in authenticity.

 So yesterday the New York Times ran an article about Domino’s Brookly Style Pizza.  Included in the article was a link to Slice,, Adam Kuban’s pizza blog.  It just so happened that Slice had a link to this blog on its front page, and traffic to this site has increased significantly.

 So what about Domino’s Brooklyn Pie?  I’ll withhold judgement until I try one, but for now I’m as skeptical as those guys in the article who winced when they saw the Domino’s box entering the pizzeria…