New York Style Pizza in Atlanta (Revisited)

So you have two days in Atlanta on business, what do you do?  Well, I know what I do.  I visit as many allegedly so called New York Style Pizza places as I can.

In a prior post about New York Style Pizza in Atlanta, we had a list of several places that needed checking out.  On Wednesday night, Garry & I went by SLICE down on Peter’s St.  We took the MARTA train to Garnett stop, one south of Five Points, and walked about 3 blocks to the place.  (Note:  this is not the best neighborhood to be strolling around at night.) It’s got a very modern, kind of art deco look to it, definitely not Grandpa’s pizza place.  They use traditional pizza ovens which gave me hope.  The pizza was underwhelming, a little on the bland side.  I had to add hot pepper seeds to spice it up a bit.  Last time I had to do that was when eating a Little Caesar’s pizza.  Nonetheless, it was definitely New York Syle pizza and I would return.

We walked our way up to the downtown business area and found Little Italy a block from Five Points station.  Little Italy looks and feels like a place right out of Manhattan.   It’s all about pizza here, no ambience.  Just stools lined up against the wall and a place to order your slices.  They serve sicilian but they were out.  Before serving, our server sprinkled a little secret ingredient on the slice.  He wouldn’t tell us what it was buy my guess was Romano cheese, a little garlic, and some oregano.  The slice was good and the ambience fantastic.  We sat outside and ate, watching the Atlanta cops chase down drunks.

 Next was the highlight of the Atlanta Pizza Tour– Ray’s New York Pizza in Buckhead.  This was the real deal and a delight to find.  Right in the heart of Buckhead, across from the Cheesecake Factory, this place gives you an excellent slice, offers sicilian as well, and has the right look and feel of a genuine New York Pizza Place.  Ray’s is my choice for my next trip back to Atlanta.

When leaving town on Friday, we decided to take a slight detour through an area called Cabbagetown, which is the home of Village Pizza.  To get here, you take I-20 one exit east of I-75/85 and turn left, and after a half-mile you practically run into it.  This place has a kind of 60’s hippy feel to it.  Apparently Cabbagetown is an old mill village that has become a bohemian artsy kind of place.  The slice was pretty good, but they put a little butter and cheese on th crust like they do at the Mellow Mushroom, a chain that started in Atlanta and has spread throughout the South East.  Not a bad slice.  If I lived in Cabbagetown, I would be there often.

For more info and links to some of these places, check out

3 Responses to New York Style Pizza in Atlanta (Revisited)

  1. Dan Stone says:

    When I visited Atlanta in 1978 I loved Anybody’s Pizza.

  2. Mindy says:

    Try Everybody’s Pizza next time you are in Atlanta. It’s the only pizza here besides Mellow Mushroom (and occasionally Johnny’s New York Style Pizza for delivery) that I eat around here.

  3. Todd says:

    If you are way up north of Atlanta, in Lawrenceville, Il Forno NY Pizza & Pasta is really authentic fresh NY city pizza. It’s really the best!

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