Bob Rivers Show – Loves New York Style Pizza

I’ve previously referred to Podzinger here in the New York Pizza Blog.  It is a very cool Web Site that let’s you do a Google-like search on Podcast content.  So I went there and searched for “New York Style Pizza” I got these results.   One of these results (The Daily Download) was a guy talking about a place called Guido’s Pizza in Boise, Idaho.  (Apparently the Daily Download is a guy who podcasts while sitting on the toilet– kind of gross.)

 The other was a radio show called the Bob Rivers Show that appears to be out of Seattle.  On that show, they were talking about what great pizza comes out of New Haven, CT, and how sorry the pizza is in the Pacific NorthWest.  I could really relate to these guys and how much you can miss New York Style Pizza when you’re that far away from the good stuff.

 What I love about Podzinger is how they index you right to the exact part of the Podcast that talks about what you’re searching for.  So I didn’t have to hear an hour of Bob Rivers to hear the two minutes that they talked about New York Style Pizza.  And now I know that on May 15, 2005, Bob & Company talked about New York Style Pizza at length.  I definitely want to hear more of the Bob Rivers Show.  New York Style Pizza Lovers have to stick together, right? 

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