New York Style Pizza in Chicago and Everywhere!

April 8, 2007

Well, after several weeks of burning the candle at both ends, I’ve completely redesigned and re-architected the Web site.  The site is now totally database driven, uses XML files, and includes Google Maps mash-up. 

 The last time I was in Atlanta, I wanted to find some New York Style Pizza and realized that the site was inadequate for the traveller seeking good pizza.  It was just a list of places and reviews, but with no real sense of space and locality.  But now, with the Google Maps integration, I hope you will find it greatly improved.  Check out the New York Style Pizza in Atlanta Page, and you’ll see a much better tool for finding a great place to get a slice. 

There’s no doubt that my blog about New York Style Pizza in Chicago consistently generates the most page views and has generated the most comments.  On the New York Pizza Finder site, you’ll now find a much more up to date page about New York Style Pizza in Chicago

The good news is that THERE IS GOOD NEW YORK STYLE PIZZA in ChicagoLand.  I’ll be going to Chicago in July and there are at least two places I can’t wait to try.  More on that later…

Andolini’s Pizza – Charleston’s Finest

April 6, 2007

We arrived in Charleston, SC, with intentions of doing some walking, shopping, and eating wings.  But alas, we parked right across the street from Andolini’s Pizzeria, in the middle of the campus of the College of Charleston and a couple blocks from the market.  So we had to grab one slice each (hey, it was only 11 am).  As usual, we were served up with big hot slices from their famous 19″ pie. For background music we have the Beatles Abbey Road– very nice. The Andolini’s crust is a little on the doughy, pretzelly side– perfect for a day like today.  Also I tasted a touch of garlic I didn’t recall from previous visits.  Overall, Andolini’s, as usual, provided a great slice and great experience!