Hero’s – New York Style Pizza in Louisville, KY

July 27, 2007

We timed our drive from Michigan to South Carolina PERFECTLY so that we could stop for dinner at Hero’s New York Pizza and Pub in Louisville, KY.  I blogged recently about a comment from Kirk where he was so elated to find good New York Style pizza right there in Louisville.  Turns out that Hero’s is just a couple miles from I-64, and we were able to stop in there on a Friday night around 8:00 pm.   Unfortunately the owners of Hero’s had stepped out for a few minutes so I wasn’t able to talk to them, but I can tell you that the pizza was delicious, the service was excellent, and I recommend it for anyone seeking genuine New York Style Pizza in Louisville. 

 I had been Googling Hero’s numerous times over the last few weeks and never could find a Web site, so I was please to see a sign when we entered, saying Please visit our web site at www.herospizzapub.com.    I checked out the site and it looks great.  Hopefully this post and a little bit of time will help Hero’s get some Google love…

Cafe Luigi – Best NY Pizza in Chicago?

July 14, 2007

I took the family to Cafe Luigi and we were very impressed with the pies.  We got one cheese and one with pepperoni.    I’m giving it a 100 on the Sliker Scale and 5 stars on the Yummy Scale.   I’m giving them credit for having Sicilian even thought it was really probably “Chicago Style” pizza, ie., it was thick crust but it was round instead of square.  I’m giving them credit since they’re in Chicago and a lot of people like Chicago-style around here.

I really like Cafe Luigi.  I’ve always thought I’d have trouble living in Chicago due to the lack of good New York Style Pizza, but now I’m confident that CHICAGO HAS EVERYTHING.   It was extremely difficult to park in the area around Cafe Luigi.  There was metered parking but nobody was moving.  I literally drove around for 20 minutes then had to park a half-mile away. 

 I don’t think we’ll make it to NY Slices out in the ‘burbs, as we are heading in the opposite direction. 

Pizza be with you!

Finding New York Pizza in Chicago

July 13, 2007

Well, here we are in Chicago.    Through this blog I’ve received many comments about where to find New York Style Pizza in Chicago.    So tonight we will check out Cafe Luigi right here in the Gold Coast / Miracle Mile area.    Tomorrow, I hope to drive to the suburbs and check out New York Slices up in Highland Park.

 I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes!!

Found! NY Style Pizza in Louisville, KY

July 12, 2007

I love this blog, and it’s companion site the New York Pizza Finder. 

 I received a comment from Kirk in Louisville, Kentucky, who said he found a great place in Louisville– Hero’s Pizza.

 I responded by email asking for more information and this was his response:
Sure- here ya go. Pictures of the slices included.


I tried this place 2 weeks ago and was pleased to find real NY style in Louisville.

I am vacationing in Manhattan 3 weeks from now. I am heading to Patsy’s East Harlem first!

You have a cool site. Thanks.

So as luck would have it, I will be passing through Louisville twice in the next couple weeks.  I plan to stop by Hero’s and give it a try.

So tell me about YOUR favorite New York Style Pizza Place that makes you feel like home….