Found! NY Style Pizza in Louisville, KY

I love this blog, and it’s companion site the New York Pizza Finder. 

 I received a comment from Kirk in Louisville, Kentucky, who said he found a great place in Louisville– Hero’s Pizza.

 I responded by email asking for more information and this was his response:
Sure- here ya go. Pictures of the slices included.

I tried this place 2 weeks ago and was pleased to find real NY style in Louisville.

I am vacationing in Manhattan 3 weeks from now. I am heading to Patsy’s East Harlem first!

You have a cool site. Thanks.

So as luck would have it, I will be passing through Louisville twice in the next couple weeks.  I plan to stop by Hero’s and give it a try.

So tell me about YOUR favorite New York Style Pizza Place that makes you feel like home….

14 Responses to Found! NY Style Pizza in Louisville, KY

  1. […] for dinner at Hero’s New York Pizza and Pub in Louisville, KY.  I blogged recently about a comment from Kirk where he was so elated to find good New York Style pizza right there in Louisville.  Turns out […]

  2. […] for dinner at Hero’s New York Pizza and Pub in Louisville, KY.  I blogged recently about a comment from Kirk where he was so elated to find good New York Style pizza right there in Louisville.  Turns out […]

  3. Malok says:

    I’ve tried most of the reputable pizza places in Louisville KY. Going to definitely have to check this place out. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Chris Watson says:

    Just finished eating at Hero’s and I can honestly say its some of the pizza in louisville. Spinellis on Baxter is still my favorite but this place is a close second!

  5. Bill says:

    Try slice of New York. It is the best pizza in Louisville. Phone is 339-3553. You will not be disappointed with the food. Unfortunately they are closed on Sunday and Mondays, whats up with that?

  6. chris says:

    Slice of NY is a poor attemp to recreate the pizza of Fat Tonys, the restaraunt it was before being purchased by the current owners. Using the exact same products and the same recipe and after months and months of training by the former staff somehow they still managed to ruin great pizza. Slice of NY is an example of bad idea after bad idea which all boils down to their lousy mangement. I would discourage anyone from going there. They definitely left a bad taste in my mouth

  7. Slice of NY says:

    It was a surprise to see you last night – we haven’t been face to face since you left our employ this past summer. It’s a shame you would not accept the training Slice of NY tried to provide you (rotating food items, proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures, etc.) Gee, you actually came in person this time. When you call for delivery you always have your girlfriend answer the door. We were also surprised to see the post saying you didn’t enjoy your pizza, as you call on a regular basis for delivery. You are mistaken; we do not use the same recipe as Fat Tony’s. Also, to point out what would be obvious to most people; the large commercial mixer sitting in the back of the open kitchen area is used to make dough. We do not use the frozen dough balls Fat Tony’s used, nor do we use pre-prepared pizza sauce (we make our own), nor do we use the same technique to stretch dough. We have installed a small stove and hood and most everything is made by us, from fresh ingredients. On numerous occasions you have ordered pizza made with our fresh dough and sauce. If it is so awful, why do you keep ordering from us? Since it’s obvious the basis of your review is simply to discredit us as opposed to giving a true opinion, please refrain from calling for delivery or entering our establishment ever again. I’m sure those frequenting these posts would appreciate real reviews, as opposed to reading a former employee’s “sour grapes”. All in all, we still wish you the best. Maybe with the birth of your child you will gain some maturity and perspective on relationships and how to treat others. Maybe one day you will appreciate the efforts of a hard working family trying to run an honest small business. ~The Management, Slice of NY

  8. chris says:

    Actually the review is quite accurate. I dont “frequent your spot.” The only reason i have ordered any foood whatsoever is because A. Its super conveniently located by my apartment, and B. After working there before and after you bought it and doing all the work while your entire family sat around i was curios to see how things have gone since you have been on your own and like my review said it was terrible. Let me break it down for you and explain how i got to that conclusion. First off i wasnt greeted when i came in. Im a customer, so what kinda crap is that. Everyone tried not to look at me. For you to come off in saying that i have my gf get the pizza or what not and like it was a suprise to see my face. Get real. Are you implying im scared of the disantis family? Hardly. Ill be sure to pop my head in the door from time to time so you can see me. The reason my gf answered the door at the house was once because ordered on the way home from work and you all beat me there. ( it was because i got stuck at work, not because you are fast so dont even think it.) The other time you all took forever and i ordered before going into work so i got in the shower because i was pressed for time. Thats the only times i have ordered from you in 8 months including last night when i came in to pick it up. Regular basis? Id say thats quite a stretch. Any how on to the food. Garlic knots- No dice. You cant let them sit there and reheat heat them, They taste like crap. Oh not to mention, needs some garlic. Second, second i noticed my pizza was undercooked and i thought the dough was old and it had a really bad taste to it. I had no idea you all made your own dough but that explains why its not good. I swear to god i took a video on my cell phone of my feeding my doberman the whole box of garlic knots and he wouldnt even eat one. That dog will eat anything and i mean anything. Your food is the first thing we have come across he wont touch. I could email it to you if you would like. Now lets continue on. I refused your training? What training? As far as i know far as you had no clue coming in as to how to do anything related to that business, so how did you offer training to me? I believe you all were recieving all of the training. If you didnt see Tonys had and A on the wall, rotating stock, cleaning, disinfecting we did it all. The reason you all missed all the training was because you all were busy worrying about everything that didnt matter. You were worrying about 6000 dollar pos systems that you never got and all the wonderful italian dishes your wife could cook. Sorry i lied to you but nothing you made was good. Fontanini meat balls killed your homemade. They has bad texture and were bland. I just felt bad telling you everything you made sucked. As far as maturity and perspective on relationships as well as how to treat others i have one thing to say; I belive i worked anywhere from sixty hours a week one up to 80 at your place. All in one day you realize you cant pay me and thats that. Pretty shitty after all the hours i spent in there helping you all to make sure you all didnt fall flat on your face and you would have had i not been there. Maybe thats why i have no respect for you all. You all left me in a seemingly bad spot but it ended up being a way better situation for me. I have plenty of respect for hardworking families trying to run a small business. I have worked for 4 families running local business and all of the are very sucessful except yours. Maybe you should have listened to me more, who knows? None of this was sour grapes until your reply. Just posting my thoughts on your bad attempt at a pizza joint

  9. Catherine says:

    Wow! I came on this site for Pizza reviews. Seems a lot more than that has been posted recently. (I don’t put a lot of stock in Chris’s review since most of us know that past employees are usually bias- and his tone seems pretty bitter for the issue to really be about the PIZZA. Plus, I’ve been to Slice of NY- and couldn’t disagree more with his ‘review’.)
    So here’s an honest review of a couple of local pizzerias.
    I’ve been to Hero’s & Slice of NY and both are really, really good. Slice of NY is the real deal though, from the family- to the food. I’ve been there more than a dozen times and it’s consistently good- both the service and the food. At Slice of NY, you can see into the kitchen (I like knowing it’s clean), and they are definitely making the dough, sauce, and the other menu items, all home-made. It’s not the canned stuff. I ordered the baked Spaghetti last time. The sauce came freshly made, right off the stove. And as far as the taste- it’s authentic. And yes, I’ve had the pleasure of more than one “Real” NY pizza in NY to judge it by. They sell by the slice (just the way it should be) and have a full menu in addition to traditional pies. (The Garlic Knots happen to be my favorite!) So, if you like real NY style Pizza- and authentic Italian cooking… then Slice of NY is worth checking out- and returning to. Oh, and don’t leave without trying the home-made desserts! YUM!

  10. chris says:

    nice comment for a friend to make

  11. Bill says:

    I would have to question Chris’ complaint of Slice of New York. The only thing I would agree with is that the owners of Slice of New York did a “poor job recreating the Fat Tony pizza” and that is a very good thing. I had Fat Tony’s pizza when it was in business and it was not all that good, sort of like Spinellis, okay but just not right. I recently tried Oak Street Pizza on Oak Street oddly enough and it was not a very good at all. I more recently went to the new Tony BoomBazz on Taylorsville road and it was okay , but it was just another Tony BoomBozz. I still like Luigi’s downtown and Hero’s is okay, but no place in Louisville is as true to New York pizza then Slice of New York. Oh and they even have Italian ice, I am in heaven.

  12. Becky says:

    I love Slice of New York. The pizza is really great as are the sweets. Everything is fresh and you can taste the quality. One thing I truly love about Slice of New York is that it is family owed and operated by actual New Yorkers who are onsite to make sure that everything meets their standards. If you like New York pizza this is the place to come!

  13. Jennifer says:

    I am sorry to inform everyone that Hero’s in Jeffersontown is now closed (sniff sniff.. please a moment of silence). I, personally, am very upset that they have closed. I am from Syracuse, and my husband is from NYC and ever since we have moved here he has been searching for good NY Style Pizza (although nothing will beat his tried and true favorite from NYC, Rays)! Anyway… I stumbled on Hero’s one evening and thought it was pretty good, so I brought some home. It was pretty convient to our house and I LOVED that you could get a piece by the slice!! My husband said it was pretty good, and it has been one of our favorite places to go for a while now. Then, this past weekend, I went over there to get some pizza and there was a FOR RENT sign in the window. Not sure what happened, but I heard the owner was having some personal issues and that it may have been sold. I will say these last few months their service has really sucked, but their food was still good, so I am really not surprised. Also, the location seems to have trouble holding businesses for some reason. It is a shame. I am all for supporting locally owned and will try some of the other suggested places posted above. Hopefully we can find another good place to go.

  14. Cathy says:

    My husband and I went there tonight, December 19th, and were surprised and disappointed that it was closed. My husband is from NY and was happy to find some place that came close to the pizza he loved! What happened? We went there on several occasions!

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