Cafe Luigi – Best NY Pizza in Chicago?

I took the family to Cafe Luigi and we were very impressed with the pies.  We got one cheese and one with pepperoni.    I’m giving it a 100 on the Sliker Scale and 5 stars on the Yummy Scale.   I’m giving them credit for having Sicilian even thought it was really probably “Chicago Style” pizza, ie., it was thick crust but it was round instead of square.  I’m giving them credit since they’re in Chicago and a lot of people like Chicago-style around here.

I really like Cafe Luigi.  I’ve always thought I’d have trouble living in Chicago due to the lack of good New York Style Pizza, but now I’m confident that CHICAGO HAS EVERYTHING.   It was extremely difficult to park in the area around Cafe Luigi.  There was metered parking but nobody was moving.  I literally drove around for 20 minutes then had to park a half-mile away. 

 I don’t think we’ll make it to NY Slices out in the ‘burbs, as we are heading in the opposite direction. 

Pizza be with you!

2 Responses to Cafe Luigi – Best NY Pizza in Chicago?

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  2. Joey Pantone says:

    Renaldi’s on Broadway just north of Diversey has great NY style pizza. Nice, thin, great sauce. Also by the slice.

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