Hero’s – New York Style Pizza in Louisville, KY

We timed our drive from Michigan to South Carolina PERFECTLY so that we could stop for dinner at Hero’s New York Pizza and Pub in Louisville, KY.  I blogged recently about a comment from Kirk where he was so elated to find good New York Style pizza right there in Louisville.  Turns out that Hero’s is just a couple miles from I-64, and we were able to stop in there on a Friday night around 8:00 pm.   Unfortunately the owners of Hero’s had stepped out for a few minutes so I wasn’t able to talk to them, but I can tell you that the pizza was delicious, the service was excellent, and I recommend it for anyone seeking genuine New York Style Pizza in Louisville. 

 I had been Googling Hero’s numerous times over the last few weeks and never could find a Web site, so I was please to see a sign when we entered, saying Please visit our web site at www.herospizzapub.com.    I checked out the site and it looks great.  Hopefully this post and a little bit of time will help Hero’s get some Google love…

16 Responses to Hero’s – New York Style Pizza in Louisville, KY

  1. Bill says:

    Try Slice of New York which is closer to I64 then Hero’s. Slice of New York is much better and the phone number is (502) 339-3553.

  2. inmyflops says:

    I agree with Bill. Hero’s is generic…it’s not genuine NY style pizza at all. Just because the slices are large, does not mean it’s NY style pizza. I didn’t enjoy Hero’s pizza at all. The service has been horrible every time I have been in there. The garlic bread was good, but the pizza was disappointing.

  3. Ted says:

    I’m glad the author had a good experience at Hero’s, but I also agree with both posts above. Our experience was the same as “inmyflops” (I wish he had posted before we went). The service was very poor and disorganized. Hero’s is a sit-down place, and we sat near the bar/kitchen in the back. From what I could tell, they seem to do each order one at a time, and not in batches; The whole place was full of people, yet the food came out on the kitchen counter one slow thing at a time. They even forgot to make my side salad, until our pizza was ready (which was more than 45 minutes after we ordered)… I hope any other people traveling through that stop there aren’t on a tight travel schedule…

    As for the pizza itself, on it’s own merits I thought it was good and I can’t complain about the food once we got it. I would say that it is good approximation of NY style, but it’s not quite there… in summary, it seems like Hero’s does do a lot of business, but I think our first time will be our last. The service definitely needs attention there…


    Now the real reason I’m posting is to thank Bill for his recommendation of “Slice of NY” above. We tried the “Slice of NY” for the first time tonight and it is a much better experience.

    “Slice of NY” is a small, family run operation, that has only been open for 16 weeks (we asked the owner)… and when I say family run, I mean that literally EVERYONE that was working while we were there were from the same family. They were very friendly, and the owner walks around to make sure everyone is taken care of.

    The difference in service from Hero’s is that Slice of NY recognizes if/when they are running slow; For example, we saw someone come in to pick up an order that was late in getting into the oven. The owner gave the man a free piece of cake while he waited. We also saw a lot of repeat folks coming in, as they were all recognized and greeted like somoene from the neighborhood block… we actually sat there for some time after we were done eating as we really enjoyed watching the family work together.

    I thought the pizza was a very good NY style. It definitely had all of the charateristics you look for in a good slice (thin, fold, and grease drip FTW!). We’ll be going back.

    If you haven’t found them yet, give them a try… If not for the NY style, then for a family run pizza place experience.

  4. inmyflops says:

    Slice of NY is by far the best pizza in town, and is 100% authentic NY style pizza. the family is great! They are from Brooklyn and genuinely love what they do and make sure each customer receives the best possible service. even the cheesecake is incredible! i have eaten there MANY times and have never had a poor experience.

  5. Melissa says:

    I have to say that I have never been to “Slice of NY” so I am not going to say anything negative. However, Hero’s is a whole diff. story! Although it does take longer to get your food when they are busy, the wait is well worth it. I personally know that the owners are out there talking to their guests and treating people like family. I do not know what happened to people in the scenerios above but I have always received great service there. If you all had issues then you should have asked to speak to an owner/manager and I am sure they would have made it right! And just one more note: The owner of Hero’s is also from New York!

  6. Christy Frey says:

    I personally have eaten at Heros serveral times on a regular basis weekly. I go in by myself and with my family and have never been disappointed. The food has always been excellent and well worth the wait if been busy. The atmosphere along with the servers is very friendly and welcoming. So all of you viewers, please read the peoples comments that have eaten at Heros inside of the people that hasn’t. Thank you and have a nice day!!!!!!

  7. Ann says:

    Heros is not that great. Owners – never saw them – you couldn’t even get wait staff to stop and talk to you. As soon as we walked in, one of the wait staff shouted “don’t sit them in my area, I’m too busy” – how rude! The service is way too slow and the food is not the greatest. I’m sure being a “friend” of the owners makes you a bit biased in your comments Melissa. Waiting over 45 minutes for pizza – this isn’t Chicago and it wasn’t deep dish.

  8. Tony says:

    Fugheddaboudit!!!!! Hero’s is the BEST in town and I have tried all the rest.

  9. Melissa says:

    I am not “friends” w/ the owners. I have talked to them on several occasions when I am in there eating. I am sure they have issues at times just like any other restaurant but I have always enjoyed my food there and the atmosphere is always good!

  10. Bill says:

    I’m from the city (New York, is there any other?) anyway I would just like to say that there is no comparison between Heros and Slice of New York.

    Slice of New York beats places in New York while Heros is a nice alternative from Pappa Johns and the rest of the garbage pizza out there. But why go to heros if you could go to slice of ny, it’s just like 4 miles from heros.

    Everything they have at slice of ny is great, and I like the people who work there. I don’t believe they are all related, but some of them look like they could be related. Maybe they are but I don’t think so. However it may be, slice of ny is the real deal, the best in Louisville by far.

  11. Miguel says:

    Hero’s owner is not from new york. He’s closer to Canada than the city. He should stick to hot wings, that’s what is from buffalo. I was born and raised in Queens, I would tell you where but i’m sure all you pizza critics know of New York pizza from your nice little trip to Manhattan. Hero’s Pizza is not disapppointing, nut it doesn’t compare to A Slice of New York. Try to find a pizzeria like Hero’s in New York, you won’t. A Slice of New York doesn’t only give you a taste of my beautiful city, but gives you the feel that you’re there. So if you don’t like A Slice of New York better that Hero’s, thats fine, bu tdon’t go saying that it is better pizza or more authentic than a Slice of New York. Geez. Go Giants and go Mets.

  12. danny says:

    Devinos on main st downtown is the best pizza in louisville. Who else makes a 20 inch NY style pizza like them. The whole theme of the place is a ny style deli. Awesome food, awesome staff. try it out

  13. NYpizzafiend says:

    I’m from NY (Long Island & Queens) and have not ben able to get a decent slice of pizza in YEARS, until I recently found “Slice of NY”, whose pizza tastes just like an authentic NY pizza and their garlic knots are great too. Heroes does not compare at all, it doesn’t taste like NY pizza, it just looks like it. And the owners of Slice of NY are from Long Island as well, at least thats what they told me (I know someone above mentioned Brooklyn) but the owner told me he was from Long Island. I have only been there twice since I found it last week but I am planning on ordering for delivery tonight, thats how I found this website, I was looking for their phone number online, LOL.

  14. pizzaisyum says:

    the lady who makes the desserts and one of the sons who takes orders at Slice of NY both said they were from Brooklyn, when I was there. I know that both Brooklyn and Long Island were mentioned, and I guess it doesn’t really matter b/c they are from somewhere in New York. 🙂 Either way – Slice of NY is delicious!!!

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