Best NY Pizza in Las Vegas – Got to Be!

September 20, 2007

I had one chance to get away from the strip while in Vegas, and I took advantage of the opportunity by going to the original NY Pizza & Pasta on S. Jones Blvd, about a mile west of the Vegas Strip.  What a treat!   

I knew the minute I walked in that it was a 100 on the Sliker Scale, and it turned out to be a perfect 5 stars on the Yummy Scale. 

The place is family owned and run and served up the perfect pie.  We received a complimentary basket of garlic knots that were delicious as well.  GO TO THIS PLACE WHEN YOU’RE IN VEGAS!   You’ll get lucky here.

New York Pizza in Raleigh, NC

September 20, 2007

We attempted to try 3 pizza places in one evening here in the Raleigh area. First up was NY Pizza which has 3 places in Cary. (Read the reviews on Google!)  We stopped at the one close to I-40 and it was excellent. It scored a 100 on the Sliker Scale and 4.5 stars on the Yummy scale.

Next stop was down on the campus of NC State, where on Hillsborough Street there are at probably a dozen or more piza places such as Amore’s, Marco’s, & Sylvia’s. We stopped at I Love NY Pizza. As we walked in we immediately saw the giant-sized 24″ slice pies. Nonetheless, the look of the pies and the spanish-speaking help behind the counter made me think this wasn’t what we were looking for. No Sicilian, no Italians to be found… The place scored 80 on the Sliker Scale but just 3.5 stars for the Yummy factor.

Lastly we stopped at Lilly’s Pizza near the five points area.  It wasn’t really New York Style.  It seemed like a cool place to hang out with some friends and get pizza and a beer.  We ate outside and I enjoyed a slice, but again, not New York Style Pizza.  Lilly’s scored a 65 on the Sliker Scale and 3.5 stars for the Yummy factor.

New York Style Pizza in Salt Lake City Anyone?

September 18, 2007

On the New York Pizza Finder site I recently received the following comment from Dave regarding Este Pizza in Salt Lake City:

you guys should check out Este Pizzeria in Salt Lake City, big thin slices baked in a bakers pride deck oven, they offer sicilian semi regularly, basically the locals here don’t get it, these guys have it. just a suggestion

I just checked out the Este Web Page,, and it appears they had a fire and had to close down temporarily.

Anyone know any other New York Style Pizza places in the Salt Lake area of Utah?  Pizza Therapy mentions a place called Big Apple Pizza– any good?  Any others out there?