Pizza in Florida Sucks? First Posts at New York Pizza Finder Wiki

As some of you are already aware, I recently converted the New York Pizza Finder Web site to a wiki.   Up until recently, I’ve been trying to keep up a database of New York Style Pizza places as well as comments and links to more information.  This has been quite a challenge and I continually let the database get out of date.

So now I’ve turned to the “wisdom of crowds.”

Thousands of people view this blog every month, and hundreds have commented on specific Pizza Places in particular cities throughout the U.S.    Now what I’m asking you to do is go to the New York Pizza Finder site and leave your comments and reviews there.  Also, if you have a new place that’s not listed, please add it to the list. 

I just converted the site last week, and yesterday I received my first post from an anonymous visitor.  The visitor made two posts:  the first saying that Pizza in Florida Sucks, and the second saying that The Pizza Place in Parkersburg, WV is the best pizza anywhere. 

Please let your thoughts be known, and help us make the New York Pizza Finder the best and most comprehensive resource for New York Style Pizza Lovers anywhere on the planet. 

8 Responses to Pizza in Florida Sucks? First Posts at New York Pizza Finder Wiki

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  2. HELENE says:

    If you’re ANYWHERE near Jacksonville (Florida), don’t miss a trip to Tommy’s Brick Oven pizza. Located at 4160 Southside Blvd, this is truly New York pizza! The pizza, the chef & owner, the backers are all from the Bronx, N.Y. Huge slices, fresh everything, this is a DON’T MISS! Tommy’s “momma” is usually there cooking too.

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  6. ray says:

    i would suggest checking out the homemade pizza recipe tutorial here

    it looks pretty easy don’t u think?

  7. anywhere near mocksville nc?

  8. freecreta says:

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