Eating Pizza in Silicon Valley

I arrived here in the Bay Area Saturday and had a few hours to kill, so I went to Palo Alto and drove around the campus of Stanford University– very nice and MUCH bigger than I expected.  I then made my way down El Camino Real until I found Frankie, Johnny, & Luigi, Too located at 939 W. El Camino Real in Mountain View.   It was a very nice restaurant– there were lots of people eating some very good looking italian food– but I was here for the pizza.  I ordered a large cheese pie.

The pizza was very good– I definitely don’t want to “dis” the pizza– but it wasn’t what I was looking for.  There were no slices available.  The pizza itself wasn’t as “flat” as I had hoped, and it was cut into 10 slices!  It was really good– but again, not what I was looking for.    Here’s the Sliker rating (70) for F, J, & L’s:

Thin Crust Pizza (40/40)
Pizza by the Slice Availability (0/10)
Large Slices (0/10)
Traditional Pizza Ovens (10/10)
Sicilian Pizza Availability (0/10)
Run by Italians (10/10)
Red & Green or Italy Theme or Name (5/5)
Pizza or Pizzeria in Title (spelled correctly!) (5/5) 

3 Responses to Eating Pizza in Silicon Valley

  1. I think you could really compliment this blog well by adding good places for dessert near the pizza shop you’re reviewing, like places serving gelato, pastries and so forth.

  2. […] Source:Eating Pizza in Silicon Valley […]

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