Slices of Pizza in San Jose, CA

I was at a conference at the convention center in San Jose, and took out for a walk at lunch time.  The prior morning while getting exercise I had seen two places that sold pizza by the slice and I was anxious to give them a try.    The first stop was at Tony Soprano’s Pizzeria on San Fernando Street, which was pretty good pizza and scored an 80 on the Sliker Scale

Next was Pizza My Heart, which is a chain in this area.  It scored 70 on the Sliker Scale.  I was glad to see I could get a slice there, but I was less than optimistic about what I would get.  It’s a place for college kids with a surfing theme.  Not pictures of New York or Italy, no checkered table clothes.  In my opinion, the cheese slice was a little bland compared to Tony Soprano’s, but it was definitely New York Style. 

7 Responses to Slices of Pizza in San Jose, CA

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  2. AngryHeidi says:

    some other places to try:
    a slice of NY
    Vito’s near san jose airport (different from the Newark Vito’s)
    90 Skyport Dr
    San Jose, CA 95110
    (408) 453-1000

    good luck. good NY style pizza in CA is hard to find

  3. SteveSV says:

    It is but a good thin crust pizza can be had at Z Pizza. There’s one a little north of the airport in Downtown Mountain View, 146 Castro St. 94041. They’ve got a site at Then again, there’s always the joint called New York Pizza in Downtown Palo Alto too!

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