Best Pizza in SF Bay Area

On my last night in the Silicon Valley area, I decided to head up the east side of San Francisco Bay to visit Vito’s Pizzeria located in Newark, California.  I have to say it was excellent!  I met the owner (Vito!) and after eating a couple slices I introduced myself.  I was happy to know he was familiar with the New York Pizza Blog and the New York Pizza Finder directory.   Once we got to talking he decided I NEEDED to try some bread sticks and home-made marinara sauce and they were muy delicioso.  I finished off my late night snack with a meatball dipped in the same marinara.

 All in all, Vito says his pizza is best in the bay area and I cannot disagree.  Next time in that area , I will be back! 

22 Responses to Best Pizza in SF Bay Area

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  2. cihan says:

    i love new york pizza, but turkish doner kebap will rule the will be the fastfood for the future!

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  3. Fine Dining says:

    I’ve been to Vito’s during my stay at NY. I have to agree, they are excellent!

    From SG,

  4. Greg says:

    Good pizza on the west coast can be hard to find. This search and review site based in SF will get you started:

  5. claude says:

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  6. There has got to be a ton of pizzerias in the SF bay area. I’ve never been there (the most I’ve been to is New York) but its always fun to pick your favorite!

  7. Tina says:

    ah thank you for this post. I have loved Vito’s since I moved to NY in ’03.

    Aren’t you so tired of seeing all the advertisements for the “top pizza chains” like pizza hut (yuck) when it’s places like this that make real pizza? Honestly, and it doesn’t help that all the pizza coupons are FOR these nationwide chains – it only encourages mediocrity.
    God help the pizza industry!

  8. timmy984 says:

    yum I love pizza hut any where any time!
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  10. Aleksander says:

    Good pizza-s and excellent services!
    This is a LIFE!

  11. Alex says:

    Cool site i love te pizza!

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  16. Solomio says:


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  17. M. says:

    Little Star pizza in San Francisco is also amazing. Check out my review at

  18. mespdk says:

    Best pizza in the world is from Denmark.

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