More notes on NY Pizza in Los Angeles

I was recently reviewing some comments on this blog as well as recent user-submitted entries at, and I found some of the following items of note:

  1. My original post about Pizza in L.A. has a few comments worth reading.
  2. Lamonica’s Pizza on Gayley Ave has 63 reviews on CitySearch, more than 80% of the reviews are either 4 or 5 stars.
  3. Someone recently added Combo’s Pizza Hollywood to the New York Pizza Finder Wiki.
  4. While doing a little research on Combo’s, I found the following blog, chronicling JAB’s search for perfect East Coast Pizza in L.A.  Thank you JAB for your good work!



7 Responses to More notes on NY Pizza in Los Angeles

  1. […] Source:More notes on NY Pizza in Los Angeles […]

  2. Pizza says:

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  3. Pete says:

    Look for New York Pizza in Las Vegas Using Las Vegas Pizza Connection

    Las Vegas Pizza

  4. Pizza Making says:

    Get the more insights of Italian Pizza and how to bake a traditional pizza @ the world of pizza.

  5. Cheers for this and here’s to pizza everywhere – weddings, parties, lunches, dinners!

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