Sbarro’s Breakfast Pizza in ATL

February 9, 2008

I’m heading to out to Silicon Valley this weekend– No, not to get venture funding for 🙂   I found myself in Atlanta (ATL) airport needing some breakfast and wandered into the food court in B Concourse.   Sbarro’s was doing a booming business so I wandered over there.  They had three breakfast pizzas available in additional to their normal slices.   I had a slice with egg, cheese, bacon, peppers, & onions and it wasn’t bad.   My biggest complaint about Sbarro’s generally is that they try to keep the pizzas warm and when they serve them the crust tends to be kind of rubbery.  I prefer the traditional approach of putting a slice back in the oven for a minute to get the crust nice and crispy.   But anyway, crispy crust or not, Sbarro’s breakfast pizza was a nice change of pace for this traveller.