NY Style Pizza and Ratings

(Rankings are 0-100, with 100 being the best)
(For more details on these places, visit the New York Pizza Finder site.)

Listing is ordered by State, then City

Daphne, AL
Papa?s Pizza

Scottsdale, AZ
Ray’s Pizza

Tuscon, AZ
Upper Crust Pizza
Mario’s Pizza
Irv’s Deli and New York Pizza
Brooklyn Pizza Company

Los Angeles, CA
Palermo on Vermont Avenue
Lamonica’s New York Pizzeria
Albano’s Brooklyn Pizzeria

San Diego, CA
Bronx Pizza

San Francisco, CA

Venice Beach, CA
Venice Beach Pizza

Flagler Beach, FL
LaBella Pizzeria Restaurant

Gainesville, FL
Leonardo’s Pizza

Jacksonville, FL
Tony’s Pizza
Pizza Palace
Tommy?s Brick-Oven Pizza

Orlando, FL
NYPD Pizza
Anthony’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant

Port Charlotte, FL
Bella Napoli Pizza

St. Augustine, FL
Brooklyn Pizza

Atlanta, GA
Village Pizza in Cabbagetown
Mama Niki’s
Rosa’s Pizza
Little Italy Pizza and Pasta
Midtown WholeFoods
Mario’s New York Pizza
Ray’s New York Pizza
Athens Pizza in Decatur
Taste of New York

Macon, GA
Ingleside Village Pizza

Savannah, GA
Vinnie Van Go Go’s
Cousin Vinnie’s

Hilo, HI
Pizza Hawaii

Honolulu, HI
Antonio’s New York Pizzeria

Arlington Heights, IL

Carpentersville, IL

Chicago, IL
Piece in Wicker Park
Cafe Luigi
Chicago’s Pizza on Lincoln
Santullo’s in Wicker Park
Spacca Napoli on Sunnyside
Apart Pizza on Montrose in Lincoln Square

Evanston, IL

Highland Park, IL
New York Slices

Hoffman Estates, IL

Villa Park, IL

South Bend, IN
Rocco’s Pizza

Jeffersontown, KY
Hero?s New York Pizza Pub

Asheville, NC
Frank’s Pizza

Atlantic Beach, NC
Roma’s Pizzeria

Bryson City, NC
Anthony’s Restaurant & Pizzeria
Anthony’s Pizza

Cary, NC
New York Pizza

Charlotte, NC
DaVinci’s Pizza by Northlake Mall
Carlos Italian Restaurant
Du Amici
Hawthorne’s NY Pizza on Hawthorn
Tony’s Pizza
Palone’s Pizza
Fuel Pizza
Luisa’s Pizza
Avanti At the Arboretum
Brooklyn Pizza Parlor
Brooklyn Boys

Cornelius, NC
Brooklyn South Pizza

Harrisburg, NC

Hendersonville, NC
Main Street Caf鼯a>

Mooresville, NC
Brooklyn Boys

Pineville, NC
Upstate Pizza

Raleigh, NC
Slice of NY Pizza
Tony’s Pizza
Pizza Italia
I Love NY Pizza

Southport, NC
Bella Cucina

Las Vegas, NV
New York Pizza and Pasta

Cincinatti, OH

Mason, OH

Portland, OR
Hot Lips Pizza
Pizza Schmizza

Pittsburgh, PA

Aiken, SC
Ferrando’s Pizza

Charleston, SC
Andolini’s Pizza

Clemson, SC
Peppino’s Pizza

Columbia, SC
Pop’s New York Pizza
DeLucca’s Italian Grill & Pizzeria
Dano’s Pizza
Paulie’s Pizzeria
Village Idiot Pizza & Pub

Hilton Head, SC
New York Pizza

Lexington, SC
Antonina’s Ristorante & New York Pizzeria

Mt. Pleasant, SC
Andolini’s Pizza

Myrtle Beach, SC
Nico’s of New York

West Ashley, SC
Andolini’s Pizza

Dallas, TX
Al’s Pizzeria
Pastazios New York Pizza
Carmine’s Pizzeria
Roma Express New York Experience Pizza

Euless, TX
NYPD New York Pizza & Deli

Fort Worth, TX
Giovanni’s Pasta & Pizza

Irving, TX
New York Pizza

Mesquite, TX
NYPD Pizza

Everett, WA
Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria

Monroe, WA
Nana Carmela’s

Appleton, WI
Sal’s Pizza

Parkersburg, WV
The Pizza Place




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33 Responses to NY Style Pizza and Ratings

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  2. […] List of New York Style Pizzerias and Rankings […]

  3. Sean says:

    I was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. and always looked forward to going back to see my relatives and get N.Y. Style Pizza. I grew up in Cincinnati with no access to good pizza. When we moved here in 1972 one of the only pizza places was called, believe it or not , Germantown Pizza. It was God awful. Now there are three places in Cincinnati that have good N.Y style pizza. The first is called Fratellis Pizza. Fratellis is north of Cincinnati, at 6890 Tylersville Rd, West Chester, OH 45069. It’s about an hour away from me and I drive there to get it. It’s the real deal. Big foldable slices. Because of it going back to N.Y. is not as quite as big of deal. The second is called Flying Pizza. My brother was working in Dayton for a while. He was the one to find them. I used to get him to bring them down to Cincinnati because they only had the one location. Now they have locations in Columbus, Dayton, and now northern Cincinnati. Here’s their website. http://www.theflyingpizza.com/ It’s not quite as good as Fratellis but its still pretty good. Last is Pizza di Roma. It’s actually a chain that is usually in malls. Most locations are in Ohio and Indiana but also has a location in Texas and one in Maryland. Until Fratellis opened, I used to go here. It’s also pretty good. They have a tendency to slightly under cook their pies, but if you’re from the east coast it beats all the other pizza around here. I found your sight because I’m taking my Mom to Columbus to visit one of my other brothers and was looking for a N.Y. style pizza place to go to while we are there. Thanks for your site. Gonna try the place in Pickerington, OH while we are there. Hope my info. helps some people because I know how miserable it is to not be able to get a good pizza. If anybody ever tells you that Larosa’s in Cincinnati is good or N.Y. style you know they’re lying. Keep up the good work. I’m not blowin smoke. Sean

    • marc says:

      Coming from the east coast myself I can tell you New York Pizzeria in Pickerington is not NY pizza by any means. Dont waste the gas and the owners are rude.

  4. Anna says:

    Check out Fratellis pizza West Chester Ohio, it’s by far the best New York style pizza I’ve had in Ohio!

  5. Brian says:

    I read a statistic that Ohio has more pizzerias per capita than any other state in the union. Surely the one list above might warrant a review. Just throwing in my 2 cents, not that it matters since I live in Brooklyn.

  6. Justin says:

    For excellent New York pizza in San Diego go to Bronx Pizza. It’s located at 111 Washington Street. You won’t be disappointed. I grew up on Long Island and have lived in California for 20 years, and what a thrill it was to find this place.

  7. Joe says:

    I went to Pickerington Ohio and tried Pizzeria NY since I was told that they have great NY style pizza. Well I should have known it was typical ohio pizza, but pie cut. The sauce was gross and the cheese tasted like you would expect old gym socks to taste. I got the recommendation from a friend that grew up in ohio, my first mistake. People from columbus would not know good pizza if it hit them in the face. I am from the east coast and I get a kick out of watching ohio people eat Sbbaro pizza in the mall, they don’t fold it . they eat it with two hands and hold it like they were playing a musical instrument. Donato’s is the main pizza brand in columbus and it sucks, its like cardboard with ketchup and rubber cheese. If you let it sit over night it makes a great frizbee. I have lived in ohio for a number of years and long for good NY style pizza. I cherish my trips back to NJ to get pizza.

  8. Pat G says:

    I too am from the NY area. One other to try is Aponte’s Pizza. His webseite is Apontes.net on 42 in Mason OH. Tony, the owner, originally from Newark NJ has a great Pizza.

  9. victoe moea says:

    I was born in Brooklyn New York and moved to Vegas, and the best pizza I have even eaten was in Everett Washington and the place was called Brooklyn Bros. pizzeria, Handmade sausage to die for, pepperoni too. They slice it all fresh made to order, and you never see a spec of crust left on the tables, I have been there 5X since I 1st ate there. They make the thin crust naples style and they also do the Sicilian, in fact they have a huge artist menu board with the 2 types of pie’s, man this is the best pie I have ever had, PERIOD ! Location is 1919 Hewitt ave in Everett Washington, acroos from that new stadium they build (Everett Events Center)

  10. greg says:

    The best pizza on the grand strand here in myrtle beach is nico’s of n.y The best i have tasted not only in m.b but even better than i had back home in ny.You have to try it to understand-Amazing-Amazing-Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! the pizza speaks for it’s self eat it to believe it, you will not be disappointed trust me.

  11. Jerry says:

    I am a born Jerseyite and like Victor earlier said, Brooklyn Bros Pizza in Everett shows what real pizza should be! After traveling the world for 22 years, I settled in Everett and had given up on getting any good pie close by. You gotta love it when there is absolutely no mention of pineapple or canadian bacon on a menu! First time in I ordered a large cheese napolean and there was nothing left by some very used napkins! Man, I hope the people of this area can adjust their taste buds and embrace this place!

  12. Tina says:

    Ok, I am a Brooklyn (Bensonhurst) native who has given up on pizza outside of NY. The only time I get a decent slice is on a visit back home then I haul a half a pie back with me!
    I have been hearing about this Brooklyn place and well tonites the night! I’m goin’!
    Other than Nana Carmela’s out in Monroe there is nothing else around.
    Hope this place works out Everett is alot closer to me than Monroe!
    With fingers crossed…….

  13. James says:

    Raleigh NC area pizza

    The best in my area are as follows:

    Schianno’s (he is from Napels, owns several in the area)
    Slice of NY Pizza



  14. Tom says:

    I have tried many NY Style pizza’s. I have never been to New York, but have gone to places ex-New Yorkers claim is as good or better than New York. What I have found is that New York Style pizza blows ass. Most of them are OK and are better than dominoes or papa johns. But they never get much better than that. Pizza Hut is actually better than New York Style. My impression of NY Style is: Floppy tasteless crust — Tomato sauce very sparingly used and underspiced — undercooked cheese. Pizza not worth eating. If your pizza doesn’t taste good, why bother eating it?

  15. Shawn says:

    Columbus, Ohio had been missing out on a true, authentic East Coast style pizza until now. My friends from New York and Pennsylvania introduced me to Wally’s Pizza in Hilliard and I am telling you this pizza rocks! If you are looking for the perfect pizza then check out Wally’s.

    Wally’s Pizza
    4333 Cosgray Road
    Hilliard, Ohio 43026


  16. Melissa says:

    Im a native NY’er…from upstate, Saratoga to be exact…and I have been living in Ohio for 13 yrs. Living without good pie is brutal, and I make the trek home once a year, mostly to eat because the food here sucks so bad. The Saratoga/Schenectady area has so many great pizza places I dont even think I could list them all, but for true authentic NY foldable style, my favorite is a place called Sorrentos on Guilderland Ave in Rotterdam (schenctady).
    As far as Ohio goes, Im lost. After reading this, I am going to try the flying pizza though, and the place in hilliard…I am willing to drive hours if necessary.
    I dont know where this person is from that says pizza hut is better than authentic mom and pop NY style….but wow is all I can say….you have some baaaad taste. lol

  17. Kirk says:

    Louisville, KY

    Hero’s in Jeffersontown is the real deal NY pizza. Delicious and does not drip grease all ove your pants.

  18. […] received a comment from Kirk in Louisville, Kentucky, who said he found a great place in Louisville– Hero’s Pizza. […]

  19. Gianni says:

    I must say i was impressed to find REAL NY pie in kentucky @ Hero’s New York Pizza Pub in Jeffersontown KY.

  20. Mary says:


  21. April says:

    Hero’s Pizza is by far the best place to get real New York style pizza, I’ve tired many place around kentucky and none can compare. They have amazing service and the best pizza ever!!! If yor looking for great pizza at great prices Hero’s is the place to eat.

  22. April says:

    I agree with melissa about the kid who said pizza hut is better than new york style pizza, that kid is out of his mind, maybe the places you’ve been getting your pizza at just plain sucks. you haven’t even been to new york so you can’t knock what you have tried, you can go all day long to places the say they have new york style pizza but truth is no pizza is going to taste like new york pizza except actually pizza from New york, some may come really close but unless your eating your pizza on the go in the busy streets of new york city, your missing out!

  23. JoeyNYC says:

    In the CHARLOTTE area , There was a pizza placa that was not mentioned . I guess because they are fairly new compared to some that are on that list.
    I’m tellin you……… remember the name *ANGELAS *cause i would put their pizza up against any of those mentioned. I don’t know what they are doing , but they are doing it RIGHT.
    They are in the Matthews/Mint Hill section of Charlotte NC
    * They are Northern transplants, Go figure.

  24. clint moser says:

    I found Pollmans Pizza in Mobile Alabama, even though They call their Pizza “Mobile Style Pizza” believe it or not it will make a NY Pizza Lover want to Move to South Alabama! it is hard to believe that an impoved version of NY Street Pizza could exist in a small Port city ? their Pizza guys must be from Naples Via NY City ??? Puzzled in Alabama ???

  25. truthteller says:

    In my experience, people will eat poo-poo if it is connected to some sort of local pride that makes them feel like they are somebody. But, if it were possible for these “sports fans” to discern the opinion of their taste-buds from the opinion of the herd they belong to, they would be able to tell that almost all pizza is garbage. I have been all over the world and have eaten pizza everywhere(unfortunately), and this I can say for sure- ALL chicago pizza is doughy and uninteresting, and is preferred by overweight people who value quantity over quality- oh boy! raw dough!! new york pizzas are oversimplified recipes with varying qualities of crusts, but a flavor that relies almost entirely upon sprinkled oregano and garlic salt. any one who considers that special has no business giving out food advice, period. There is no good pizza in California, ’nuff said. Finally, for some reason, the best pizza- we’re talking flavor and texture, not any other thing, is…………….IN COLUMBUS, OHIO! And it comes down to two places- Tommy’s, and Massy’s. Tommy’s has flakey crisp crust that is layered and absolutely delicious, not just a bunch of dough. Massy’s crust is similar, but is also under-coated with a large grit cornmeal that is truly unique and does something special to the flavor and mouth-feel. both have ample and very rich sauce, copious amounts of provolone, and, when you order just pepperoni (which I highly recommend) they use gobs and gobs of it, and all of them curl up and toast around the edges! Freakin’ Delicious! Their pizzas are well- crafted and carefully seasoned, not just big. So, don’t believe the hype about N.Y. and Chicago, folks. If you want the best, ya gotta come to Cowtown.

  26. I think New York style pizza is better then Pizza Hut any day..

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  29. Aqui em Salvador temos a Sertão na Lenha, uma das melhores da cidade.

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